Indian Pariah Dog Reflection

Indian Pariah Dog    (Listen while you read) 

IndianStreetDogKiMotion_Netherlands400shutterstock_107350970As a species we suffer.

This is inevitable as there are many of us who, like humans, do not fit the usual code.

Yes, we are outcast just like you.

(It is obvious to see that the Pariah reflects those of us who do not fit in; those of us who live on the outskirts so to speak.

Many of us feel that way. We simply do not fit. We do not fit the norm.

And what is the norm?

The norm is that which is generally accepted by the greatest number. To be different in today’s society is to be outcast; we simply do not accept the differences in each other; we are more comfortable with sameness.

This sameness we find acceptable as it does not ask us to stretch our imaginings. No, when we see sameness we feel comforted.

When we see differences we, in general, feel a need to rationalise the difference. In so doing, we generally come up with a sound reason why the difference is not to our liking. However, the difference only proves one thing; variety is the spice of life. Differences open up many possibilities to learn and to grow; to stretch and recover from our limitations.

Yes, my friends, when we are attracted to the Indian Pariah Dog we are being asked to allow ourselves to stretch even further.

We are being asked to look deep within and acknowledge the differences that we perceive; investigating our thoughts; our behaviour toward others; our mindset in regard to the many possibilities that life has to offer.)

Carolyn  Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  KiMotion_Netherlands /


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