Healing the Mind

(Listen while you read)  One follower ‘Neighaway’ has asked about Healing and the various areas of healing. It needs to be noted that many of us work as healers unbeknown to ourselves. There is more than one way to ‘skin a cat’ as the old saying goes….

Healing is a general term that means to ‘help’, does it not? For helping others to acquire a certain degree of releasement from pain; be it mental, physical or emotional pain, has many benefits. Therefore, we need to ascertain what type of healing it is that we are speaking of. Is it to be healing of the physical body; as there are many and varied ways that healing of the physical body manifests; are there not? There are many who ascribe to the physical body’s ability to heal itself. Are we speaking of this matter? The point that we are making is this:

There are many forms of healing, so called. Now what we need is a premise, do we not? Indeed we do. Let us consider one type of healing at a time. Let us begin with the healing of the mind; for it is the mind that governs ‘all’ bodies, to be sure.

Healing of the Mind……

Firstly we need to appreciate that the mind needs healing. This is not an easy task for mankind. No, mankind tends to be a little arrogant in this regard. In the main, mankind believes his mind to be a wondrous tool capable of enormous deeds. This is an attitude based on this instrument’s wonderful capacity to perform lateral thinking. This is so, my friends. This instrument is capable of performing those things that come to it from its sensory perceptores. In this, it is quite limited. It believes itself to be ‘unlimited’ however; this is indeed not the case.

How do we know this? We know this for when the soul of man is discovered, the mind (or brain of man) becomes apparent in the sense of its limited capacity. That’s right; its limited capacity. Few understand the working of the mind. It, the mind or brain of man, has been devised as a limited thinking devise capable of performing deeds in a lateral sense. The soul, on the other hand, has unlimited capacity and performs deeds from multi-dimensional ability. And what is multi-dimensional ability? Multi-dimensional ability is the ability to know all things; that’s right; to know ‘all’ things. This state (of ‘all’ things being known) guarantees success of all undertakings; does it not? Indeed. If all is known, the only outcome must be success. And how is this success achieved? By understanding that your soul can and does achieve this state as a natural ability governed, not by outside persuasions; no, this is not necessary, so to speak. The soul achieves success by ‘being’ and not by ‘doing’. When this concept is understood, success is a necessary by-product.

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Thank you . . .this information is so valuable to me today . . . particularly in regard to “the soul achieves success by ‘being’ and not ‘doing”. This makes sense as the mind wants to do do do ! I read this post a number of times and I see myself reviewing it again and again . . . 🙂

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