Mammoth (Woolly) Reflection

Mammoth  (Woolly)   (Listen while you read)


What a catch; you’ll see…!

Yes, for those of us interested in times past the Mammoth presents us with many things to ponder.

We who love things of times past are a creative lot.

 We use our imaginations for most things. Do we not? Indeed we do.

Our imaginings take up a great deal of our time. Do they not? Indeed, my friends.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. A great imagination is worth two realities….


Yes, a little.

Our imagination serves many purposes. It comforts us when we are in need. It allows us a wider scope when life is limited. It opens to us a world that is not seen by others.

No, dear friends; the Mammoth is a being of imagination. It is a light in an otherwise dark day. Not the Mammoth; as such. No, dear friends; it is not the Mammoth that brings light to our minds. No; it is what the Mammoth reflects. That’s right.

And what does the Mammoth reflect?

It reflects all good things to those whose imaginings serve this ‘higher purpose’.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Pi-Lens /


    1. This reflection certainly reflects you and your love of imaginative writing!
      As I’ve said; you have a good style. It’s free and unrestrained (in an honest way).
      Enjoyment is soooo important, and enjoyment is, I know, what you experience with your writing. The reader, then, receives your enjoyment through your writing…. Well done to you! 🙂

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