Marmot Reflection

Marmot (General)   (Listen while you read)


Lazy little thing; you’re a lazy thing.

Wasting your time doing lazy things.

Every so often we come across something or someone who can reflect to us how we feel. There are many of us who are lazy; and the Marmot is an extreme example of laziness.

He/she (the Marmot personality) will do all it can to avoid ‘work’ of any nature.

He/she will waste time doing things that are not productive in order to ‘get out of’ doing things that are productive. A great shame because the energy expanded doing unproductive things could be better utilised in the other direction.

So then, we have created a premise from which now to view the Marmot reflection.

If the energy utilised for non—productive use could be utilised for productive use, many things would be achieved. So what then is the underlying attitude of the Marmot personality that prevents them from doing productive things?

Indeed, this is a question for all of those individuals who find that they are, or are becoming ‘lazy’. What is your underlying attitude to your laziness? Could it be that you doubt your prowess. Or, perhaps you don’t like doing some things because you feel compelled to do them for someone else. Perhaps you would rather sit out of learning? Perhaps learning was not a good experience for you. Perhaps, a teacher treated you unwisely. There are many ‘perhaps’ when we talk about this experience of being lazy.

No one has the right to judge you; no, this is correct. No one has the right to an opinion of why you are lazy. The reasons are as individual as there are individuals.

What I would say to you then is: Should you wish to investigate the reasons for your laziness you could sit quietly and allow your thoughts to wander. That’s right. Allow your thoughts to wander to your childhood; that’s where most attitudes are formed. That’s right. Now that you are here at your childhood, allow your thoughts to wander to those whose lives affected you most. That’s right. Now, can you see a connection or two that may prove to be the origin of your laziness? Yes? Perhaps?

I shall leave you there with your investigation with the hope that you may find the connection. For when the connection is found you may feel less inclined to waste that precious time, and do as I know you would really like to do.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Tom Reichner /


  1. Nice reflection! Brings up interesting points about all of us. I find myself getting lazier as I get older and wanting to ENJOY more. 🙂 Bleh, who wants to clean?!?!?!? ‘Course, I don’t have any one here to help me clean, nor to make it dirtier. Never mind, think I like the latter part better. 🙂 Doesn’t take as long to clean any more! I do like that! IMMENSELY!

    1. Hey.. 😉 I don’t think anyone could ever place you in the ‘lazy’ category… You are an extremely productive soul…. 😉 and who ‘likes’ housework?

      And yes, I agree; the reflection has brought up some interesting points. After doing it I am now viewing laziness through different (more compassionate) eyes… Guess that there’s always a good reason why we are as we are… just got to find that reason and allow the natural changes to occur (or, at the least, give ouselves the choice to change….) Glad you enjoyed it…! 😉

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