Bison Reflection

Bison   (Listen while you read)

We are nearing our end. Time to go. Much work still to be done.

Others shall come.

BisonVolodymyr Burdiak400shutterstock_146484395Bison

Weary, yes we are weary. The reflection of the Bison is one of weariness. Those of us who are attracted to this beautiful beastie will find ourselves a little ‘worse for wear’. We almost feel the dust beneath our feet, so to speak.

There is a need for the Bison lovers to take stock of their physical happenings. They can, sometimes, expect a little too much of themselves.

The saying; “we are not getting any younger” springs to mind as does; “oh, my aching feet”.

In general, it will be the lower extremities that Bison lovers will tend to ‘feel’ as each day passes on to the next.

Getting old is also a concern for most Bison lovers. Age is a concern; one hidden deeply within the Bison lover’s psyche. Look deeply; you Bison lover you; and see if this rings true for you…


I thought so. Age shall not weary them; I hear you say. Age shall not weary the Bison; that is true. However, it does weary you.

An attitude; that is all; this is just an attitude (and not a very good one). Good thing about attitudes is that they can be changed. And it’s amazing what a change of attitude can do for one’s psyche.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Volodymyr Burdiak /


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