Wasp Reflection

Wasp   (Listen while you read)

A need to protect your house; i.e., your surroundings and body (physical).

(Well, don’t blame the messenger.

This is a saying that is heard often times. It means that we ought not to take out our anger/disturbance upon the one who enlightens us. This is what the Wasp reminds us to do, or not to do.

The Wasp is a messenger reminding us to take care of ourselves (in particular our physical body).

Many have a tendency to overlook the needs of the body; do we not? Yes, indeed many of us do this, constantly.

We remember to put petrol in our cars, empty the trash, remind ourselves to go to work, do the cooking, mow the lawns, etc., etc., and yet we can forget to look after our physical selves.

A timely reminder (when we find a wasp a buzzing) is to say to ourselves.

“Have we been taking care of our bodies lately?”)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


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