Awesome Blog Content Award

 No, it doesn’t stand for ABC of Spirit Talk….

 that’s just a coincidence…  😉


 1. Thank the person who nominated you. 

I’d like to say a big Thank You to adollysiousirony from allaboutlemon for nominating me for the Awesome Blog Content Award. Yours is such a wonderful blog Dolly; a delight to visit filled with fun, sharing and caring. Thank you so very much for the nomination.

2. There is no limit to how many fellow bloggers you can nominate.

My blogging experience to date has been very ‘time limited’. There are so many blogs that I’ve visited and so many that deserve an award. The following are just a handful of those whose blog’s content keep me coming back for more …….

Four Blue Hills 

Wyoming. And other things that interest me.


Photo Nature Blog 

No pic for this one 

Nature and Outdoor Photography by Jeffrey Foltice



Exploring Consensual Reality


The Curvy Spine

Life with Scoliosis



We promise One AMAZING Photo EVERYDAY


Lesley Carter

Indulge – Travel, Adventure & New Experiences


Michael Brian Photography

Dog of the Day


Nae’s Nest .wordpress &  Nae’s Nest .me



3. Share some things about yourself, but alphabetically; just a word or two about yourself and or anything that interests you, starting with each alphabet. (Or alternatively, just write the first words you think of…or whatever makes you happy on how you’d like to represent your words.)

My alphabetical listing is:

A.         ABC of Spirit Talk  – I LOVE what I do…   😉

B.         Beauty – It’s in the eye of the beholder.

C.         Caring – This is the only way that I can live successfully.

D.         Daring – I have an intrinsic need to keep challenging myself; I just love it…

E.         Evermore – My belief is that life is evermore.

F.         Friends – Where would we be without them?

G.         Gorgeous – I generally start my day by saying this word to my best pals;

             my partner and my puppy wuppy dog ‘Sweetie’.

H.         Happy – I live by the philosophy that one needs to feel ‘fulfilled’

             and not just happy.

I.            Inventive – Creativity and being inventive are paramount to

             my sense of fulfillment.

J.          Justice – It isn’t always attainable however; something I believe in.

K.         Kind – I would hope that my legacy includes this word.

L.         Love – What more can one ask for?

M.        Money – One of the necessities of life.

N.         Never-ending – This is how I view life…. There is always so much more…!

O.         Open hearted – Another term that I would hope others include in my legacy.

P.         People oriented – My brother told me this when we were just teenagers.

             How right he was.

Q.         Quiet – As well as being very sociable, I also love my quiet moments.

R.         Respite – When the day has been long I enjoy quietly sitting

             soaking up the restorative energies.

S.         Silence – Another of my favourite energies. Such strength I find in silence.

T.         Topical – I enjoy ‘being up’ on current events.

U.         Universal – I would hope that I could be seen as being universal in my attitudes.

V.         Validating – Something I believe we each need is to be validated.

W.        Wise – Did someone mention that wisdom comes with age?

             I’m getting old; so maybe I qualify..!

X.          Xylophone – reminds me of music, music, music which reminds me of

             dancing, dancing, dancing two of my ‘great loves’…..

Y.         Yes – I say this word to most things that are offered to me….

Z.         Zoo – which reminds me of animals which are so very dear to me;

             as you can see from my blog…. 😉


    1. So well deserved… Your photos are….. (I can’t easily find words that fit). They make me ‘listen’ as if hearing beautiful music… 😉 So glad that you have accepted my gift.. 😉

  1. Carolyn….gigoid here….:-) I got the email re: your nominating me for the ABC award. I can’t tell you how much it means to me; especially as you got one from adollylicious, and I think it is totally deserved. I feel humbled, and honored, and am working on a posting to acknowledge it…. I’m not as adept with WordPress as some of y’all seem to be; I have yet to learn how to get my archives to display, or how to use any of the widgets. Plus, as I get more followers, I find it’s taking a lot of time to keep up with those sites, and especially the emails & notifications….but it’s great, and I’m glad folks are enjoying my work. Look for a post from me by tomorrow about your nomination to me; and thank you for the gift of your time and attention…. take care….

    1. So pleased for you; you deserve all the accolades you get. I’m proud to be one who knows your worth…. 😉 As for widgets, gadgets and thingameejigs; you don’t need them – your ‘words’ stand alone… 😉 Thank you for accepting my gift… !! 😉

    1. Thanks…. 😉 What fun…!!! 😉 Glad you like it…. 😉

      I saw this morning you were awarded yet another! Seems to me that WP bloggers love your ‘signature’ blogs… 😉 😉

      1. Yes, there are a few more in the backburner, including yours. 😉 Takes a bit of time to put up. I am always afraid I will forget who gave them to me!!! I love your presentation here tho! It is absolutely gorgeous. What a great idea. How in the heck did you think of that?

        1. Well I can’t take total credit for the design. Dolly at allaboutlemon showed the way… I’d looked at a few posts of this kind and thought that hers reflected best how I’d like to showcase blogs that I thought deserved an award. As I was doing it though, it took on a life of its own and went much further than I’d originally intended.

          Hey though, when you’re having fun it’s hard to stop…. 😉

            1. So does this mean that Four Blue Hills is going to do this????? With all of the awards you get Betty, you’ll be there all day and night prettying up award posts…lol…. We’d never get to know what’s going on in the world…!!!

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