Mouse (General) Reflection

Mouse (General)   (Listen while you read)


Dear Reader: I held my breath; felt enormous anger; refused to think about the cause, and continued holding my breath till the energy left me.

Then came the words:



Well, it’s not often that we feel this way; however, when we do it just simply is not right….! And this is what the Mouse depicts; a situation that is just not right.

Often times in life we are surrounded by things that we do not agree with. Isn’t this so? Yes; in a lot of incidences this happens. We become surrounded by things that we do not agree with. And what should we do when this happens?

If we are like the mouse we will take this energy upon ourselves and fret and worry and be concerned. Will we not? Yes; this is generally what we do when confronted with such a situation. However, there are better ways of dealing with such things.

Firstly: We can pretend that these situations do not exist….. Yes, we can ‘put our head in the sand’, and pretend that these disturbances are not really happening. Yes, sir’ee… this we can.

Secondly: We can accept that these things are happening and agree not to agree. Yes, that’s another way of treating such situations.

Thirdly: We can agree not to agree, and ‘keep it to ourselves’. Yes, this is another way of treating such conditions.

Or, we can get all hot and bothered, and rant and rave and get ‘our knickers in a knot’. Yes, this is certainly another way of treating such things.

Now, which shall I choose? Will I choose to rant and rave? Or will I choose to accept the situation and ‘keep it to myself’? Hmmmmmm; rant and rave, or accept?

But what about ‘having a voice’?  I want to have my say on this situation.

Yes; it is our right to have a say; is it not? Indeed it is. However, what type of voice do we want to have? Do we want a voice that rants and raves? Or do we want a reasoned voice of calm?

This is our choice, as always… And would we want to let this unique privilege go? No, I think not. However, I think that I want to be reasoned and calm. Yes, reasoned and calm sounds like a good way to go. Don’t you think?

©2012 Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

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  1. What a wonderful post. I can so relate to this. I have always felt the need to be heard and damn the consequences… fortunately as I am getting older I am realising that it’s perfectly OK for me to have my opinions and thoughts, and I don’t actually need to shout to be heard. Really enjoyed reading this.. thank you.

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