Turkey (General) Reflection

Turkey (General)   (Listen while you read)


What about me? Okay you guys.

Come on; who’s the wise guy?


Seems we just can’t get enough of our friend the Turkey. Know what I mean?

 No, what do you mean?

I mean we can’t get enough of all this comin’ and goin’.

Yep; that’s what I said. All this comin’ and goin’.

What do you mean?

Well, I’ll tell you. We, turkeys that is, want the whole wide world to know a coupla things ‘bout us that you may not know. Yep; that’s right. We want the whole wide world to know a coupla things ‘bout us; that’s for sure.

Well go on, tell us.

Okay, okay; hold on to ya britches. We’ll tell ya when we’re good and ready. Yep; that’s what we’ll do. When we’re good and ready we’ll tell ya a coupla things ‘bout us.

Well if you don’t hurry up I’m going to lose interest, my friend. In fact, if you don’t speak up right now; I’m off.

(Silence. then…)

Well ya don’t have ta be so touchy; sheeeesh….

(Silence……. For an interminable time…… then…)

Okay, okay, we said we’d tell ya a coupla things and tell ya we will…..

(Silence…… I’m getting a bit cheesed off with this energy….. I think I’ll get out now while the getting out is good……)

Wow; how strange was that energy…!!! It wanted to have power over me by not doing as it said it would.

It was belligerent, non-conforming, arrogant; would have been belittling if I’d hung around long enough. However, I didn’t hang around.

Is this the whole answer? Is this an energy that we need to move away from when it presents?

Should we allow such arrogance a foothold? I don’t believe so. When such an energy presents I run as quickly as I can in the other direction. An energy that wants some sort of power over me; whether that is to want more of me than I want to give; or an energy that displays arrogance; I don’t want any part of it and endeavour to diplomatically get away.  

This energy wants to usurp my energy. It wants to feel in control. It wants to be thought of as powerful. When, in fact, it is without substance; without kindness; without finesse; without love; without compassion; without truth; without justice; without tact; without reason.

Yes, any energy that presents to me with these qualities generally gets the short shuffle. They are generally too self absorbed to notice. However, this is my way of dealing with bullies.

How do you deal with these types? Do you hang around and let them usurp your energy. Or do you do as I do and give them a wide berth? Let me know; I’d be so interested to hear!

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Evgeny_Eremeev / Shutterstock.com

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