Cockroach (General) Reflection

Cockroach (General)   (Listen while you read)

CockroachScurry-scurry here; scurry there; one can’t run away from everywhere. Look deep inside (if you dare). The things that trouble you; they are there.

(We all have various idiosyncrasies that can or cannot do us harm. For instance; we may have an idiosyncrasy that makes us stalk our lovers with the intent of catching them unawares doing misdeeds. Don’t laugh my friends, there are many who do just this. Do they not? Indeed they do. This is certainly a behaviour that does harm. Some may disapprove of this; however, this behaviour certainly does do harm.

Then there is the example of an idiosyncrasy toward gaming. Does this do harm? It can for some. In others it can be just a pleasant way to pass the time. However, there are many idiosyncrasies that are perfectly normal and harmless. Such as; walking on the left hand side of the street. This is not an idiosyncrasy of self destruction, as it were. No, there are idiosyncrasies that we can accept as being a little odd, and yet not harmful. Can we all agree on that? Yes? I think the aye’s have it…!

Now that we have accepted the difference between behaviours that can harm, and those  (albeit them a little odd), do no harm. This is a good place to start.

Many of us are troubled. Many of us have behaviours that do indeed trouble us. Many of us have behaviours that we’d rather not have. Many of us have tried, unsuccessfully, to rid ourselves of such behaviours that we know cause us trouble. Indeed we have. Have we not? Yes? I can hear you say yes; good. Now, what are we going to do with such behaviours that cause trouble?

Firstly: Our awareness is our best key.

Secondly: Our desire to be rid of these behaviours once and for all, is our second key.

Thirdly: We need to have an enormous amount of energy; for, this energy is going to be needed to exert upon this behaviour every time it surfaces. Indeed. This behaviour will not relinquish control easily, and ‘will power’ alone will not have the desired effect. No indeed. To eradicate this behaviour from within we will need our fourth step. And what is our fourth step? We shall see.

Fourth Step: Nothing…. No, we need not do anything. Once we have become aware of the behaviour, and have the right amount of desire to be rid of it, it shall surely go.

Oh, I hear you say. That’s not right; I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work.

I shall tell you my friend. It has not worked because your desire has not been strong enough. When we really want to change, and want that change with all our heart, with all our soul; then and only then will the change happen. Until then, my friend, you will be suffering from your own lack of determination; lack of ‘want’, lack of the element necessary to create change.

Simple, my friend. Desire is not only for those things in life that we want to have. No, dear friend. It is also the inner substance needed to elicit change.

May I be the first to wish you success in whatever behaviour you wish to change.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. You know Hook, he’s been around (in his present form) for ’bout 145 million years (give a million or 2). This is a phenomenal survivor who deserves a better rap… don’t you think?

    1. Thank You, Aina…. I love this one, too…!
      I am currently doing this with a few attitudes that I’d rather not have. Every time they surface, I become very aware of them. Then I state that I no longer want to think this way.
      I know that we need to be extremely vigilant when looking to change thinking patterns and their associated behaviours. However, I have the desire to change and, I believe, the right amount of energy….! I have noticed the thoughts are not as persistent anymore. That’s got to be a positive…!

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