Wombat Reflection

Wombat   (Listen while you read)


Shut me out; you can’t. Cut me off; I still exist.

I remain always and ever; because I’m strong.


Never, never, never get in the way of a Wombat about his business. He will run you over if you get in his way. This he will because this is his nature. A human wombat personality is somewhat the same; he will ‘run you over’ if you get in his way. Why? Why indeed. This personality is not to be tampered with; if you know what’s good for you. Better to move out of this personality’s way than to try to confront him. You will lose, my friend.

Now, why does the wombat personality present itself in this form? I’ll tell you why. It presents itself in this form because it knows no other way. That’s right. It’s pretty simple really. The wombat personality presents itself in this way because it knows no other way of addressing life’s complex conditions.

Until it learns to meet life on gentler terms it will use its forceful personality to gets its way, indeed this is true. Until it learns that life can be dealt with using gentler mechanisms it will utilise the force of its will to decimate all and sundry who dare to stand in its way of achieving those things that it desires.

A childlike way of acting; to be sure.

Now let us address yet another aspect of the human wombat personality. It is rather tormented by its inability to perform. Yes, that’s right. It is frustrated by its attempts to perform certain tasks, this is so. It hasn’t as yet learned to deal with the daily rituals that it needs to endure, without the concept of bullying its way through life;  and will not, until this concept has released its grip upon him/her.

Yes, that is right. The human wombat personality is like a child stretching and growing and learning ‘how’ to fit itself into life. Simple enough!

The human wombat personality, once matured, has an understanding of others who, like themselves, fought hard to acquire maturity. They, the matured human wombat personality, will understand ‘children’ more than any other personality type; for, they have experienced the energies associated with childhood at a far greater depth than any other personality type.

Evidence this with those who work with children and it will be noted, by more than a few, that they can relate to this supposition easily and with an honesty only known to themselves. They make excellent care givers, especially to those who have yet to reach maturity.

This may come as a surprise to many; however, it is true my friends. Those who were perhaps the most stubborn of children do indeed grow up to be the most favoured of all by those for whom they serve; namely children.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk  

Image Credit:  mark higgins / Shutterstock.com


  1. This rings true . .. I was very resistant as a child and in later years worked with children. The children warmed to me as a mentor and affectionately called me Rainbow, as I liked to wear bright colours 🙂

    1. And today? Do you still like bright colours? This was a fascinating reflection to do… Tell me though; do you have a special liking for the wombat, or is it just that there is an aspect of your personality that was a little stubborn??

  2. Yes, there are wombats in our area and I have had a soft spot for them for many years.

    Colours, well I love, love, love to wear vibrant colours 🙂 I investigated colour therapy at one point and took notice in regard to the mood I was in and the colours that I wore. I found it interesting. Never have I been into fashion however, I do receive some lovely compliments for the colour combo’s I wear. Some animals see in black & white e.g. horses. I imagine if you haven’t experienced colour you may not miss it 🙂

  3. I don’t think I have ever SEEN a picture of a wombat, am I wrong or does he look similar to a pig or hog?!?!?!? Dunno what I thought they looked like, but not that. Heheheh surprised me.

    1. Yeah, he’s a cutie and he’s about the size of a large pig when fully grown. I have nursed a six month old wombat and he was like holding a brick…! They are tremendously tough. 🙂

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