Forget-Me-Not Flower Reflection

Forget-Me-Not  Flower Reflection (Listen while you read) 

Delicate blue Forget-Me-Nots

 Well, well, well, dear one; and what shall we say to you, this day? 

Shall we say; hello, and how are you? Or shall we say, goodbye?

No, dear one, we shall say neither one nor the other. We shall say; get on with life, dear one, and forget the infernal mental calculations that hold you tightly bound.

Indeed, dear heart, we do not mean to be mean. Oh no, dearest, this would never do. However, dear heart, we see the toll that it is taking. By this we mean:

We see the evidence in your manner. Yes we do, dearest. We see the evidence of constant thought as it winds its way around your forehead. Yes we do, dear heart. We see the etchings of constant thought upon your face. Indeed we do.

Do you not think it would be better not to be in constant thought, dearest? Do you believe you could be more calm? Yes? No?

Were you to have answered in the positive. Well done to you, dearest, for this is what we wish for you. Should you have answered in the negative, then this too is what shall be.

Ask, dear heart, that’s right. Ask those of us who be by your side, dear heart. That’s right. Ask those of us whose work is to grant your desire. That’s right, dear one. Ask; and if you truly desire this with all your heart, with all your mind, then, and only then, shall you begin the journey. That’s right, dear heart. You will begin the journey to calm.

Hear what we say, dear heart. We say ‘begin’ your journey, that’s right. This journey shall take all the desire you can muster. That’s right. This journey will be your life saver, indeed it will. Ask, dear heart, and if you have commitment by your side you will succeed.

©2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Indeed, Kim, meditation has been a staple for me, too. It is now receiving the kudos it deserves as it moves into mainstream thinking. I can remember a time when it was thought to be a ‘hippy’ movement – yes, I am that old. 😉 😉

  1. It is not always a clear & instant thought that comes perfectly into mind when reading a reflection. However, there is an instant instinctual reaction.
    Yes… of course I need to be more calm. I’m wound up like a Cuckoo Clock most of the time… or so I have been told.
    When I saw the “Forget-Me-Not” I could clearly see what my mom wrote in my first & only autograph book “Down by the river, Carved on a rock, Are three words, Forget-Me-Not”
    TY Carolyn! xoxo

    1. ‘Tis true, Resa, you’ve described my reactions quite succinctly, too – ‘an instant instinctual reaction’. Then with each successive reading comes greater appreciation going deeper and deeper.

      What a profound meaning this little flower has for you. Some things don’t require words; it is the feeling within that holds far more.

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