Crested Pigeon/Lion Reflection

(Listen while you read)

Whilst receiving this reflection, I was given the understanding that the Lion in the Animal Kingdom, and the Crested Pigeon in the Bird Kingdom represent the same energy; hence, a sameness in their reflection.


Yes, dear heart, all kingdoms bear similarities, as you’ve said. Indeed, the birds of the air and the beasts of the plains bear similarities, indeed. One likened to the other, dear hearts. A parallel of energies, you understand. Yes, even the flowers and the trees have their counterpart within the other kingdoms. This is why, dear ones, you will find a sameness of reflection within all species. One such sameness is the Alaskan Malamute of the Dog Family and the Shetland Pony of the Horse Family, indeed. Read on, dear ones, to receive further understanding of the Lion and the Crested Pigeon.

 Crested Pigeon/Lion Reflection

Crested Pigeon Image by Benjamint444 Wikimedia Commons –

What’s in a name; a rose by any other would smell as sweet. Is it not what you would like, dear heart, to hear your name spoken tenderly, with love?

We all need love, indeed we do. We all need love, and are forsaken when love is withheld.

There be many and varied ways in which love is withheld. Are there not?

Love can be withheld when we refuse to love openly; when we close our hearts and our minds to the realities of love.

Love, withheld, can be excruciatingly painful. Not only is it not felt by those who would give, but also by those who know of love withheld. Oh yes, my friends, those for whom our love is withheld know of this happenstance. That is right, my friends. They, those for whom we withhold love, know. Indeed, this is true, dear friends. They know, and they feel the love ‘being’ withheld.


Image Copyright: Rob Hainer/

This may give a clue to those who withhold their love:

Do you not feel separated from those for whom you withhold love? Yes? No?

We know that as you think upon this, you will begin to understand, dear ones. Yes, you shall understand many things when you take within this understanding of withheld love.

We hope to hear from you, dear hearts. Yes, we would enjoy hearing/reading your experiences.

©2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. First I love that bird. Much prettier than the pigeons we have around here. I try not to withhold love to anyone. I think I’ve been blessed to have felt love over and over in my life. These are beautiful words Carolyn.

    1. He is an Australian native, Kim, so very pretty; I love them.
      I realised, after doing the reflection, there are some for whom I withhold love. I must admit, though, I’m far more open to giving and receiving love; especially since being ill. Illness sure has a way of changing stubborn traits. 😉

  2. At some point in my life I withheld love for someone who I didn’t think could receive it. How wrong I was. Everything changed to the better when I offered my love …and soon it was received. What a beautiful reflection, Carolyn.

    1. A wonderful process, Helen.
      I know I feel separated, at times, from some races, or beliefs, historical events, causes; in fact, there are many things from which I feel separated (when I search deep within). Therefore, I appreciate I’m not yet capable of not withholding love. I know I still have a long walk before I can truly say I do not withhold love at all. Thank goodness, I believe there’s still time.. 😉

    1. You know, my dear sweet, Kim, I haven’t been accepting awards for some time now; however, an award from you is indeed something to behold. Thank You my sweet. I accept with pleasure… xoxoxo

      1. You’re welcome. I thought it would help you get some of your followeres back. I knew you didn’t accept them, I don’t either. I accepted this one to help the person who nominated me to get more followers too. If you don’t follow up it’s okay. I do understand.

  3. As a “Leo”, I am honored and thrilled to be in with the “Crested Pigeons”. Going around spreading love & peace is a lot of fun, even when it’s difficult. “lol” “purr”, “coo” Love & Peace _Resa xoxo

    1. And you do it so well, sweet Resa; to be sure.. 🙂

      We have the Crested Pigeon in our region; they are such lovely little birds. When startled they ‘take to flight’ with a whistling sound. I’ve never understood what caused this. When looking for an image I found this information on Wikipedia. ‘ The source of the noise can be attributed to the way the air rushes over a modified primary feather found on the wings.’

      Well, Miss Leo – Be careful not to get confused. Purring and cooing could attract some very strange attention.. 😀

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