Foxglove Flower Reflection

Foxglove Flower Reflection  (Listen while you read) 

digitalis purpureaSee! I told you so! I said that if you do that you will have to suffer the consequences, and there they are!

I told you so!


Better not to have done it. Don’t you think? Better to have remained alone. Don’t you think? Better to close all the doors, windows and chimneys, and stay tucked away inside your room. Don’t you think?


Are you saying no to all these alternatives?

Why?  Why, when the consequences are so awful as to make you cry, wince, behave in an untimely way, would you say no?

Indeed, if you have a better way, then please proceed.

No; you do not have a better way! Then perhaps we can inform you. Yes, allow us to inform you of a better way. That’s right. We can inform you of a better way to conduct yourself without unforseen consequences biting you in the back. Yes, we can. We will; sometime in the near future. We will. Yes sir’ee.

Aha….  Has it happened? Have you realised your folly? Have you thought about this condition and come up with your own answer? Good, then we will not waste our breath. That’s right. We will not waste our breath because we know you have the answer.

That’s right. Is it not? Indeed, you have the answer. You only need apply that logic and you will not need to remain locked inside your room; for, you will take that maturity into your living. You will adhere to providence in all things. Indeed you will, dear heart. For, we know, you prefer to be mature in all your comings and goings. Don’t we, dear heart? Indeed we do.

©2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Reflection based on Foxglove flowers – an interesting subject. That’s a flower which has both positive and negative symbolic meanings, On a positive note, it is an element to regulate aterial fibrillation.

    1. Yes, Jo, the Foxglove can be, for some, poisonous. Many have allergic reactions that can put them into hospital.
      I googled regarding the arterial fibrillation (I hadn’t heard of this). It would seem it certainly has its benefits in this regard. I suspect, Jo, like everything, it has its positives and its negatives. One positive is certainly its beauty.

  2. My folly…hmmm… red wine! I just need to be mature, yes, sigh! I usually am. Strange about the word “folly”. It actually sounds fun-filled until the aftermath. xoxoxo

    1. Yes, Resa, it is not always doable – remaining mature – or so I’ve found. I try my best; though, do not always succeed; and yet, I am more successful than ever before. For that I give myself a little ‘pat’ of encouragement, and look forward to more success… 😀

      I agree! The word ‘folly’ sounds such fun. It rhymes with ‘jolly’….. and yet, woe is me, it’s not ‘fun’ at all…… 😥
      xoxoxo ❤

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