Pig Reflection

Pig (General)   (Listen while you read) 

PigletsChumash_Maxim400shutterstock_142092154Wee Willy Winkie runs through the town; upstairs and downstairs in his dressing gown. Are you mad at me? Please don’t be. I don’t like it if you’re mad at me.

(Why do we worry so much? Why do we worry at all? If we were meant to worry we would have been given a worry gene. Oh, wait a minute! A worry gene! Could it be so? Could it be true? Have we a worry gene? Indeed ’tis true. A worry gene there is. To be found in the future, my friends.

For those of us who suffer from the ‘worry’ gene, there is a simple remedy.


Yes, simple! And what is the remedy? The remedy is to stop and desist from worrying.

Sounds good; however, I don’t think that would be very simple.

No, indeed it is not very easy to do. However, it is the simple remedy.

And how can we put this simple remedy into practice?

Well, dear one, that is very simple. Not easy; however, very simple.

Firstly; all things are achieved by becoming ‘aware’ of them. Do you agree with that statement? If you do, then well and good. If you do not; well, my friend, we cannot help you.

However, for all of those who are in agreement we say:

Take that bull (errr pig) by the horns (errm ears) and throw it up against the nearest wall. No, dear friends, we do not agree with animal cruelty; no indeed. However, in this case we shall use the proverbial throwing of the bull against the wall to demonstrate the means of casting away our worries.

Therefore, my friends, we have ‘named’ the worry. We have ‘decided’ that the worry must go, and we have ‘cast it away’.

Right, that’s done.

Are you saying that now that we have named the worry, and decided that we do not want to worry, and that we have cast it away that now we shall be free of the worry?

Yes and no. Yes, we have named it, decided we no longer want it, and cast it out. This does not mean that it won’t return, dear one. Oh no, the worry has a mind of its own (so to speak) and will return to trouble us.

And what should we do when it returns?

Go through the entire procedure again, my friend, for as long as it takes to realise that worrying is not the cure. No, my friends; worrying is not the cure for what ails. Taking that bull by its horns (or in this case, the pig by its ears) and casting it out, is but a short-term solution. The real (and long-term solution) is discovering, by this method, that worrying is not the solution. We shall explain:

By placing certain mental energies upon the problem/worry we learn to correctly ‘identify’ the worry. In so doing we agree (mentally) that to worry is not the solution. This ‘objectivity’ allows us to simplify the concern and, by means of the gained ‘objectivity’ toward the worry comes an even greater energy upon which to place our thoughts.

And what is this greater energy?

This greater energy is the energy of reason, my friend; and reason allows us the space to find a solution.

As said; this is simple, and yet not so easy……..)

© 2012 Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Chumash Maxim / Shutterstock.com

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