Tiger Reflection

Tiger (General)  (Listen while you read)

TigerArangan_Ananth400shutterstock_108641777So you want to know what’s new. I can tell you a thing or two!

(So what’s new? Nothing really; no, there is really nothing new!

We all like to think that there is something new around every corner; however, when we go around the corner we generally find the same set of circumstances before us.

That is right, my friends. We will find the same set of circumstances following us about wherever we go. And why is this so? This is so because, in order to learn from a particular condition we need to place ourselves into the same set of circumstances in order for the lesson to be learned.

We may find ourselves addressing similar people, similar conditions, and a similar outcome over and over again. This will occur until we have learned whatever those conditions were to teach us. Indeed, my friends, we will constantly find ourselves walking around corners only to be presented with the same conditions.

How can we stop this constant?

We can stop this by allowing ourselves firstly to understand that the same set of conditions will prevail until we can stop this from occurring, by learning the lesson.

And how do we ‘learn the lesson’?

We learn the lesson by realising that indeed there is a lesson to be learned. This conscious understanding will begin the learning process. It is only when we do not stop to wonder why the same, or similar conditions prevail within our lives, that we become ‘stuck’.

Yes, my friends, we can become stuck in a constant that will prevail forever, should we not become consciously aware that in order to stop this constant we need to become aware of it within our lives. Once this has been achieved the rest shall become history as we ponder our choices of behaviour.

We can allow ourselves to then modify our behaviour; and, with trial and error, allow ourselves to absorb the learning and move on.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit: Arangan_Ananth / Shutterstock.com


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