Peacock Reflection

Peacock   (Listen while you read) 

Peacockl i g h t p o e t400shutterstock_153507044

Well, well, well. That’s a fine howdy-doodie.

Well, well, well. That’s about the strangest thing I’ve heard.

You don’t say! What! There’s more! I’m all ears!


Don’t come the raw prawn with me pardner….!

Don’t try to pull the wool over my eyes, friend.

Don’t try to get me knickers in a knot, either. If you do, I say; if you do I’ll be throwing you a line or two meself….

I’ll have you know that I know a thing or two. I’ll have you know I’m no fool. I can see what you’re up to. Oh, yes; I can see you and you don’t fool me.


In life there are times when we choose to close our eyes to the shortcomings around us. At other times we wizen up and allow the truth to prevail.

And this is the energy of the Peacock. Those of us who are attracted to the Peacock are capable of seeing all. This is to say that we can see the best and the worst in the world. What we do with this understanding is entirely our own business.

However, should you be presented with the image of the Peacock in your dreams, in your musings, in reality; it is a sure bet that you’re being asked not to be fooled this time. That is, my friend; choose to see the reality of the situation and act accordingly. To do otherwise, in this particular situation, would be foolish.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  L i g h t p o e t /


    1. How true, Catherine. Sometimes we’re not ready to ‘see’…. Sometimes ‘being blind to our shortcomings’ is the only way to save ourselves, so to speak.
      However, the peacock definitely asks us to be honest with ourselves, i.e., it’s time to take the blinkers off… This can sometimes feel rather humiliating as we discover our ‘lack’, however if we use this knowledge wisely, it will always be to our advantage….! 😉

      A wonderful observation…..! Thank You.. 🙂

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