Carolyn’s Tipz – Oppression

Oppression   (Listen while you read) 

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Don’t lean to oppression, my friends; else it have its sorry way with you.

Don’t lean to oppression, my friends; it will cause you much harm.


It will take away your soul, your love. Indeed it will take away your life.

For what is oppression but a double edged sword.


It shall rip you shreds to shreds. It will do with you as it will.

It has no fear of consequences, only its lust and needs to fulfil.


Yes, my dear friends; oppression has, at its heart, one desire only; that is to fulfil its own desires, with no thought for you.

I hope you look after you; I hope you see through oppression. I hope you can tear yourself away, should oppression have its hold.

©2014 Carolyn Page  ABC of Spirit Talk

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    1. The orchid is a beautiful flower; so many different varieties – all absolutely gorgeous.
      My man, K, used to have an orchid garden. They need special care and nurturing… 😉

      1. I don’t know whether we will be able to plant orchids in our garden because though we have great weather we have a short winter with frost.So I have this one as a pot plant with lots of light.

    1. Absolutely, Kim. Whether it be coming from within us; or from another directed to us, it can only cause harm. You are so right! It is not the answer, my sweet friend.

    1. Yeah, Resa; agree…!
      Though, when someone is afraid of losing what they perceive to be as ‘power’, oppression can appear to be their answer. Yes, I agree; it seems like a lot of work, and many use it without even appreciating they are doing it, and why! Unfortunately, our world is rife with oppression. Better to see it, and circumnavigate it, then to be under its dominant hand.

      Your power, on the other hand, lies in joy, and love, and peace, and hope… 😉 😉
      Now, that’s real power… xoxoxo

  1. oppression is a horrible thing to let in your heart. it brings nothing good neither to yourself nor to others. We oppress other when it seems the only way to get control over your own fears.

    1. You are a wise woman, Dace; to be sure… 😉
      I agree; it is totally a control function, as you say. Some unaware, and naive of their motives; others forcefully oppressive and brutal. Better to see it and circumnavigate it, then to be blind and subject to it.
      Isn’t clear sight a wonderful thing. Clear sight and a calm that allows us not to be affected! Something I continue to strive for… 😉 😉

  2. Wonderful short post of oppression. Mostly when people give tips about Oppression they mostly exaggerate the tips but your tip was short but contained all the necessary points.

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