Letting Others Live Their Lives

As a counsellor of old, my adage was to help everyone to find themselves; generally at my expense.

Yes indeed, dearest, we know that this was true for you. Did you enjoy assisting others in this fashion, dearest?

Yes and no. I always enjoy seeing others being successful at whatever they do. However, what I did not enjoy was the burden I placed upon myself.

The burden, dearest?

Yes; I was of the belief that I had to assist those who came to me for assistance; I was an open book, so to speak. The words on my cover page were:

‘All who are having difficulties are welcome’.

You are being somewhat sarcastic, dearest.

Yes I am; with a tinge of humour directed at myself.

Indeed yes, dearest, we appreciate your stance. During those years of assisting all and sundry, dearest, what did you learn?

I learned that I made myself a magnet for those who wanted help, but perhaps, did not really want to help themselves.

Indeed, dearest; can you elucidate?

During the process of helping others I placed myself at jeopardy of carrying the burdens of others. I came to understand that those who truly want to grow and progress onto a greater degree of maturity do not wish to become a burden to anyone, so to speak. They, those who have their own best interest at heart, will fight within themselves for a better appreciation of their foibles. Their viewpoint is to take the proverbial bull by the horns and throw it as far as they can in the hope of attaining the self knowledge that will guide them on to a better view of themselves, and life.

Are you saying, dearest, that those who are willing to investigate themselves, their weaknesses, their strengths, are those who seek the rewards that a greater and true perspective of themselves can garner?

Yes, indeed I am.

And those who rely on the teacher, the coach, dearest?

They prove to be a burden to individuals, such as I was, who, because of a naive desire to be of assistance, actually carry a burden that is not theirs to carry.

© 2019 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Thank You, my Dear Luke; it is so good to see you!

      And a big ‘thumbs up’ to you, too. Have a wonderful day, my friend.. 👍 😘

      Many Blessings to you.

  1. OMC Carolyn, Granny has experienced this for a long time and it’s only since a few years that she understood that there must be a request for help, before you can help anybody. Granny’s Homeopath also told her that you mustn’t interrup in the karma of others, now she understands why… it took some time, tho…. Pawkisses for a wonderful day to you and yours🐾😽💞

    1. Ahhh yes, Dear Binky, we do live and learn. I’m so pleased that Granny learned that lesson, too.

      I can remember my energy levels dipping each time I counselled someone who really didn’t want to help themselves.

      Of course, Binky, we do that because we want to be of assistance; we are indeed sweet souls. Misguided, but very sweet…

      Many Blessings to both you, Binky, and to our wonderful Granny
      xoxoxo 🐾🐾🐾

  2. Great post, Carolyn and so very close to home, you seemed to have learned a great deal about the human, haha. I have always seen my job as opening the door for my students, but these days they want carrying over the threshold. 😘

    1. Yes indeed, Charlie, I can see how this same scenario would affect you, too. It must be a very fine line you tread with your students.

      And, by the way, Charlie; your understanding of human nature shines through in all your posts, which is one reason I enjoy them so much.

      Sending Love & Blessings to You, Charlie – Lots of Kisses & Lots of Hugs 🤗

    1. The truthful answer to this, Barbara, is an unfortunate one! We will continue to do this until we have learned not to do this.. Hahah.. Yes; until we choose not to be taken advantage of, in this manner, our behaviour will not/cannot change. We will continue to give too much.

      “Oh heck! Everything is about me.”

      I can remember frustratingly saying this over and over again as I came to this appreciation over the years. This is always the case! All individuals in our lives are a mirror reflecting to us the opportunities for personal growth, so to speak.

      And yes, I do so agree with you. The sensitive ones (I like to call them Light Workers) have an inbuilt, and generally self harming, desire to be of assistance. When we can be honest with ourselves in this regard, the first step toward that drawn line has been taken.

      So good to see you, Barbara
      Many Blessings

    1. A most beautiful piece of music, dear SD.

      Thank You for the connotations it presents. We, those of us who want a ‘better world’ all have our missions. Each somewhat different yet similar in the result we want to achieve.
      Many Blessings to you

    1. Hi Vanessa, it’s lovely to see your beautiful face.

      I’m so pleased that this resonated with you. Take your time; if there is a need for you to investigate further it will happen at the appropriate time; as is always the case.

      I will add, though, that as a consequence of becoming conscious of a behaviour, the pattern of that behaviour, or response to our world, will become quite pronounced as you see its little face becoming obvious to you in all manner of ways and all manner of times.

      Yes, a behaviour, or a pattern of behaviour can be hiding from us one moment; and ‘in our face’, so to speak, the next. The trick is not to be alarmed. All will be well if we accept it graciously and with the view to chipping away at it’s layers – until…

      All Love & Blessings to you…

    1. Yes, Dear Megala, I can only agree with you. Though, as I’ve learned over the years, to help others without harming ourselves, is true help.

      Many Blessings to you

  3. Carolyn!
    This is truly a wonderful post. I hear everything being said. I agree. I don’t know what else I could add? I’m happy you are not taking on burdens. Yet, you are sharing much light.
    Okay, I’m going back to my studio where I’m creating the next Art Gown. It’s a slow, peaceful and positive process, wherein much reflection takes place.

    1. Thank You, Dear Resa. It had been many years of wanting to assist yet doing so by harming myself. The great difference of today is I am able to be true to the teachings I’ve been given by The C.C. without harming myself.

      I believe this is because I no longer have an investment, so to speak, in the outcome. It is now, I appreciate, up to each one of us as to whether or not we receive the teachings; and whether or not we choose to accept them and put them into our lives.

      It is not, as once I thought, my responsibility. It even seems quite extraordinary that I believed I could or should desire something for another. Freedom from that belief system is indeed wonderful.

      As for your Art Gown creations, your beautiful Art Gown creations; I can truly understand the peaceful process and the reflection that is allowed to take place within that wonderful space.

      Much Love to you, Dear Resa
      Many Blessings

    1. I believe, Dear Richa, that most Light Workers can appreciate and relate to my experience, particularly in this regard. It seems we are all tarred with the same brush, so to speak; we all wish to assist others.

      Unfortunately, for most of us, we usually over extend our enthusiasm causing ourselves some discomfort.

      A little warning of this behaviour can alert us to remember that we must take care of ourselves first and foremost. There will always be plenty of energy and love for others if we do not firstly drain ourselves.

      You are indeed a wonderful bright light… ❤ ❤
      Many Blessings to You

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