Hindrances to Backwards Aging

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Our dearest wishes to speak upon the subject of:

Hindrances to Backwards Aging

We have spoken of the benefits gained by the ridding of fear; indeed ’tis true. And this will be the case for the many who are currently upon the path our dearest is travelling; i.e., the continued path toward freedom from fear; indeed Dear Hearts.

However, unless the path is a determined one many of the benefits of freeing one’s self from fear will go unresolved.

By this we mean, Dear Ones:  It is paramount that the premise of Backwards Aging be based upon the truth of our experience. Once again, Dear Ones, we shall explain:

We, Dear Hearts, and every living entity upon the planet; human, animal, vegetable; indeed all living matter is a construct of thought by each individual soul/consciousness extending their thoughts (very complex thoughts) into an accumulation of imaginative thoughts; thereby creating a fantasy; in this case, the Earth Fantasy.

We enjoy our fantasies, Dear Ones. Just as you, within the Earth Fantasy, enjoy having mind fantasies, so too those of us who are extending our thoughts, enjoy the many fantasies into which we engage.

Our dearest wishes for us to remind you, Dear Hearts, that we, in consciousness, enjoy more than one fantasy at any given time. Yes indeed, Dear Ones; we, in consciousness, enjoy more than one fantasy within any fantasy into which we are extending our thoughts.

Our dearest often wonders if, perhaps, one of her beloved pets may be another extension of thought by her soul/consciousness. We hasten to add, dearest, this may indeed be the case!

Back to our writing in hand:

With this understanding there comes the need of acceptance of the truth of our experience, and then, Dear Hearts, the ‘living’ of this truth. Without the acceptance and the vitally important ‘living’ of the truth, backwards aging, and many of the rewards of ridding one’s self from fear, will not be experienced.

And what do we mean by the ‘living’ of the truth of our experience? We shall explain:

There will be many changes over the coming centuries as many perfect themselves. One of the changes will be the abolition of harm to all creatures; man, animal, etc. However, Dear Ones; to think of yourself as ‘above’ another because of certain beliefs, will bring harm; for example:

To feel superior to another, such as the case for many who eat vegetarian foods due to a belief structure of ‘no harm’ are forgetting that every blade of grass, every vegetable, every fruit, all ingredients in your salad, Dear Hearts; every morsel taken from a tree, a bush, is the thought extension of a soul/consciousness and, as such, is a living entity.

Man requires food for sustenance, as does every living creature. The current methods for killing of livestock, for example is, in the main, inhumane. However, Dear friends; this will change to a more humane method of bringing food to the table.

It must be noted that each entity has agreed to a particular set of experiences within the fantasy. This does not exclude those who have agreed to be the sustenance for man, and indeed, for all living creatures.

To discount this truth will lead to the inevitable lack of rewards for ridding yourself of fear; backwards aging being amongst the many.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones, Many Blessings.

© 2019 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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  1. You’re right, we engage in many fantasies and they overlap and interconnect and so does the rest of the world. Each person, animal, blade of grass, are all living creatures. We all share the world, the air, fantasies, and we have to appreciate that everyone holds their own truth, their own experiences and opinions. Intriguing post as always, Carolyn!
    Caz xx

    1. Hi Caz, lovely to read your comment, as always. 🙂

      I really do appreciate your open-mindedness and your well constructed thoughts – not just here on my posts, but within all your writings; your comments and replies. You are one cool chic; for sure! It is really good to know you…

      Many Blessings to you, Caz

    1. Hahah Resa; that’s a really blurred line. I can’t help but think about the term ‘humane’ without considering, not just our behaviour toward the food we it, meat and vegetable, so to speak; without also considering our treatment of one another.
      ‘Tis true, Dear One. Our dearest rings a bell, not only for those who have chosen to be a part of the food chain, but also, Dear Heart, for those who suffer at the hands of their own thinking.

      Without compassion man suffers his own thoughts. That is, Dear One: One’s own thoughts regarding others must firstly do damage to the thinker. In this case, backwards aging and the many rewards available to those who choose to rid themselves of fear will be hampered by their own delusions.

      Many Blessings Dear One

      1. I love listening to you speak!
        Yes, I agree, I spoke in blurred line. Although when you speak, it’s not blurry, at all. “Suffering at the hands of one’s own thinking” is a powerful thing to know… to understand.
        I understand everything is our choice.
        Taking a leap:
        I choose art at this point. Perhaps I am escaping into it? Perhaps I am speaking with it? I’m working on it!
        Love to you, and keep on dancing. I believe it is your art… that and speaking your mind. xoxoxo

    1. I love that song, SD. Thank You so much. 🙂

      However, I do not want to live ‘forever’.. hahah.. To live healthily and longer than the average life span is what I’m hoping for! 😊

      Many Blessings

    1. Yes, dear Balle, it will be a great step forward indeed.

      As is written in the post, we, all creatures, require sustenance. To place one species above another is, to me, quite irreverent. And, as a meat eater, currently, I can only hope that day comes sooner rather than later…

      Have a wonderful day, Balle
      Many Blessings

  2. Hello my dear Carolyn! As always your wise words are food for thought.
    I also wanted to thank you for your beautiful messages. They make my heart sing!
    Have a beautiful and inspired day!

    1. Dear Mihaela, it’s always a pleasure to see you upon my posts; your words are always uplifting with a calm power that speaks within a soft and gentle manner.

      This reminds me that we cannot have true ‘strength’ without such as you have – a strong base.

      Many Blessings to you, Dear Michaela

    1. Yes indeed, Dear Christy. I do so agree with you. It is wonderful to live our truth, as you’ve said, whatever that may be.

      I am reminded of those whose delivery of a subject projects their inner truth, their inner voice. It can be quite compelling to watch and/or listen to them. Their truth shines in everything they do.

      Much Great Love to you, Dear Christy

  3. We, humans, are the most powerful & intelligent predators, I think it is inhumane to harm other species when they are not part of our food chain.

  4. Beautiful words coming from a beautiful Soul ❤ We were so happy to read/hear that the changes are coming for the animals, Carolyn, it's about time that human open their eyes that we're all creatures of flesh and blood, with a heart and soul. How can some not being aware of that…sigh…Pawkisses for a Happy Day to you and yours🐾😽💞

    1. I hear you, Binky & Granny. Every blade of grass, every living thing is a consciousness; yes indeed.

      And yet, Dear Ones; as The C.C. have advised: We, each and everyone, has agreed to a particular experience – be that those of us who are at the top of the food chain, plus those who have agreed to be a part of the food chain; animal or vegetable.

      As a meat eater currently I am looking forward to the day when we humans no longer have need to eat flesh and blood. However, for now, that is a reality many of us share.

      I have been wondering of late what our food will look like in the centuries to come. If we are not to harm others then I can only imagine that science will produce something akin to synthetic foods combining all of the nutrients needed. It is certainly quite mind blowing.

      Many Blessings to you both
      Indeed it is, dearest; mind blowing to be sure!
      Naturally, man has need of sustenance. We can all agree on that: Yes?


      Yes indeed, dearest; man would perish and die were it not for sustenance. And yet, we have spoken of the times ahead when there is to be a uniform agreement of ‘no harm’. This will take much good time, dearest; we are not asking you to ‘hold your breath’; no indeed.

      No, dearest, this agreement is not to be made soon, no indeed. It will be a gradual realisation as the Light Workers of the World firstly find it within themselves. And, dearest, as with all things there will become a consensus of agreement sweeping the Earth, so to speak. This consensus will rise slowly, yet with a firm and strong base.

      For those like yourself, dearest who, as a Light Worker currently eating flesh; will come a gradual decline in the ratio of meat eating. Do you not have this understanding now, dearest?

      Yes I do. I have been quite consciously cutting down on the amount of meat I consume.

      And this is happening quite naturally, dearest?

      Yes it is. I believe I now eat approximately half the amount of meat I consumed some months past.

      And this will continue, dearest. Yes indeed it will. Do you appreciate, dearest, that you are the example for all Light Workers?

      Yes, you have advised me of this.

      And so you will, dearest. Within your lifetime you will continue to be the example.

      Many Blessings

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