An Epiphany – Or, a Truth Discovered

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Our dearest has had an epiphany; yes indeed she has. And what is an epiphany? An epiphany is something all have when a truth is discovered. And what is the truth our dearest has discovered? The truth our dearest has discovered is the truth of our beginnings, our middle and our end.

Yes indeed, Dear Ones; our dearest is realising the truth of our beginnings, our middle and our end as is written within our free books. We shall explain:

When the truth of our existence is known, taken within, and then lived; an objectivity regarding all things becomes apparent. This objectivity takes the form of a realisation that there is nothing to fear; for all is known or, is as it is meant to be. For example:

All beings are working according to their soul’s intent. By this is meant:  All happenings upon the planet; all happenings within the psyche of each individual consciousness is a construct of their soul’s desire and choice.

When the truth of this is known comes the absolute appreciation that there is nought being done that is not constructed by each individual soul. We repeat ourselves, Dear Hearts, which is our fashion when a truth needs further emphasis to penetrate the mind.

Yes indeed, Dear Ones; and this is what has occurred for our dearest.

With this truth comes the realisation that all are behaving according to their soul’s intent. As such, Dear Hearts, there is nought that can be taken as a direct insult or indiscretion. No, Dear Ones; every nuance of character is controlled, so to speak, by your soul, or consciousness.

Our dearest wishes for us to explain the origin, or basis of this epiphany; and indeed we shall:

A term that most have encountered is ‘unconditional love’; yes indeed this is true. However, Dear Hearts, we hasten to add that this is a misconception that causes angst for many; including our dearest.

Unconditional love would suggest closing your eyes to the indiscretions of others. However, Dear Ones, we suggest to you that once the truth of our existence is known, accepted and lived; comes the inevitable:

Objectivity; in the form of acceptance that each individual is acting in accordance to their own dance, or station.

Therefore, to be aggrieved, insulted or to fear another’s behaviour is to be out of step with the truth of our existence.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones, Many Blessings

© 2019 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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  1. “It takes two to Tango”.
    In the spirit of each own’s dance, being out of step because of fear with another’s behaviour is being out of step with the truth with our existence.
    Therefore: if we cannot Tango with another, we are not honest with ourselves. Conversely, if we are not honest with ourselves, we cannot Tango with another.
    We must learn to dance… to Tango with ourselves, then we can dance onto love and perfection.

  2. “Objectivity, in the form of acceptance, that each individual is acting in accordance to their own dance, or station.”

    This truth, Resa, has allowed me to view the behaviours of others (so-called good, bad or indifferent) as not being personal to me. I can ‘step back’ and allow them, without judgement, to be as they are.

    Knowing that each individual is being directed by their consciousness/soul requires only my acceptance of this truth to then be free to live and let live.

    I already partly owned this knowing, however, a recent event made this crystal clear to me. Since then I have been experiencing an even greater sense of calm and clarity. Ever onwards and upwards… 🙂

    1. Hahah, Anjali.. I love your candor!
      Our free books, should you care to read them, give the insight I have obtained to come to many understandings I have today. I am free to live my life as I want, and also allow all others to live in the fashion that suits them, so to speak. This I apply to everyone; no matter what type of life they are living.

      We judge people based on our beliefs of good and evil, so to speak. Once we understand why we are here upon Earth the need to judge becomes obsolete; we view individuals upon a completely different basis; one that does not rely upon human beliefs, but one that is based upon soul understanding. 🙂

  3. The whole notion of things going according to plan & the ‘realisation that there is nothing to fear’ is so incredibly freeing and comforting. I can appreciate the issue of unconditional love and turning a blind eye to indiscretions, so I like how you’ve taken a different perspective on this. Fascinating insights as always, Carolyn, and thank you for sharing your powerful epiphany! xx

  4. Missed reading you 😘😘😘 (the ‘good’ kind of missing) ❤️
    I rejoiced reading these words and couldn’t avoid but feel warm inside. So many teachings that only become active in divine timing 🥰 and I feel curious for the fact that once again I had had a similar thought when this week started. Feels good to be connected 🌱
    Sending lots of love and hugs 💐💐💐💐💐💐

    1. Balle, it has been by reading our free books, over and over again, that the concepts within them have led me to this day. I am changed enormously. From a once shy and introverted woman who feared life and the violence some indulge within; to me of today who understands why there are so many diverse personalities having an enormity of similar and dissimilar experiences; all valid and appropriate for their purpose here upon Earth. This understanding has allowed me such freedom from the inherent fear/misunderstandings we humans possess.
      I now wish this same freedom for all Light Workers!

  5. you are what you think or feel. You are who you believe you are. And this, my friend, opens up so many possibilities, don’t you agree? Unconditional love is a concept that some people do not fully grasp unless they have hit the rock bottom and seen or felt the other side.

    some people might ask: why would I (my soul) create this? And the answer is so obvious, so right in one’s face but some have been able to see it and some will never see it. The soul or the inner being or the spiritual being or the energy or, whatever one might call it, calls all the shots.

    You never stop surprising me, Carolyn. Always so true to yourself and never afraid to tell the way it is.

    Nothing but love. Whatever you are going through, I am with you in my thoughts.

  6. Hey Dace, I thought I’d ‘speak’ my reply to you… This is the first time I’ve done this! I do believe I’ll speak more and more replies – it was fun!

    “Whatever you are going through, I am with you in my thoughts.”
    No hidden meaning here, Dace; it is as written!

    The term ‘unconditional love’ is a means by which we humans overcome our own discomfort when we cannot fathom another’s behaviour, or indeed our own.
    Having the soul’s understanding, which can be found within our free books, takes us above the need to look for soothing ways to view man’s behaviour, and on to the truth of his behaviour; i.e., as you’ve said – our soul – “calls all the shots.”
    When this is totally accepted comes an objectivity that does not judge another, nor can be aggrieved by another, but, understands his/her actions as being something in which he has no choice, so to speak.
    This certainly makes sense for me when I look over my lifetime at some of the decisions I’ve made!!! I knew that certain behaviours were going to cause horrendous consequences, yet I indulged in them anyway.
    Today, thankfully, having learned many lessons as an outcome of those many indiscretions, I believe I now don’t have to suffer making so-called bad choices (well, here’s hoping). 😉 😉
    Those experiences (and the overcoming) were the means for growth and progression to the freedom from the mind’s fear, which I enjoy today.
    And this, in a nutshell, is the reason our soul “calls all the shots”. It is for the sake of our individual and united progress.


  7. Dear Carolyn, I loved reading your inspired and inspiring words.
    Allowing things to happen naturally and understanding that we should trust that everything happens for our higher good is very liberating. And so is the fact that every person is “behaving according to their soul’s intent”. I also think that by realizing all this, we get to be calmer and less fearful of the future.
    Have a beautiful and blessed day!

    1. Wonderful to read your words, Mihaela; I agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly.

      And this is what has happened for me! These realisations allow the calmer energies to have their way; bringing with them less and less fear regarding the ‘now’ and the ‘future’.

      So lovely to know that you are benefiting in this way; for this is the intent of knowing truth…
      A beautiful and blessed day to you, dear Mihaela…

  8. Great insight, again, Carolyn. I’m dancing my own soul dance, for sure, and it will take me to Grand Canyon next week 🙂 Much love ❤ xoxo

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