7. Without Good Feelings Comes Aging

Where shall we start, dearest? Shall we begin where we left off, so to speak? Yes?

Yes, I believe that would be a great place to start.

Right dearest, we shall. You will remember we were discussing the value of becoming harmless. Yes?

Yes, this we were.

Indeed, dearest. And we reiterated a value currently in existence. Yes?

Yes, I do remember we were discussing this value.

An exceedingly valuable value. Yes?

Yes, I do believe it is an exceedingly valuable value. Yes.

And why do you believe this, dearest?

The value concerned brought with it good feelings, which translates, you were saying, into positivity, which then translates into healthier cells, translating into backwards aging, joy, camaraderie, and on and on; if memory serves me well.

Yes, indeed, dearest; your memory does serve you well. Shall we now document another value inherent within the new Fantasy for Earth?

Yes, I would be totally in agreement with that.

Good, dearest, this is good.  We must have a premise from which to begin. Yes?

Yes, a premise is always a fine place to start.

Indeed, dearest; it is an essential in the scheme of things. The premise we shall utilise is the premise that without good feelings comes aging. This has been the premise for The Fantasy until recently. Yes?

Yes, I do believe that has been the case until recently.

And now, dearest?

I have been consciously experiencing backwards aging for the past three years. Within that time I’ve experienced many changes; all brought about, I believe, by the fundamental change of ridding myself of fear. This has had the effect of replacing negative thought processes with positive thought processes.

A simple equation, dearest. Yes?

Yes, it really has been that simple. Not always easy. In fact, it has required my wholehearted attention to achieve.

And this has been a burden, dearest?

No, absolutely not. Success begets success, so to speak.

And by this you mean?

I mean that with each little success; each fear overcome I have experienced a reward of some kind; usually both in the physical and the mental arenas.

By that you mean?

I have, with each success, gained a greater peace of mind, a greater ability to quiet the mind. I have, as it were, gained command over my thoughts more and more.

And the physical, dearest?

I found this hard to accept, at first. I doubted the changes until they were so evident I could no longer deny them.

Such as, dearest?

I believe I first started to notice my facial skin; it was becoming more youthful with greater elasticity. It also became plumper; even though I was not gaining weight and not applying a cosmetic cream that would cause this to happen. My eyebrows began to move up and outward, plus the ends began to grow hair once again. (The ends had become almost devoid of hair.) All in all I began to appear more youthful.

And your body, dearest. What changes have you noticed?

I began to notice that I was stronger; more capable of dancing, for instance, with greater stamina; I could dance harder and for longer periods. Today, though, I am even more surprised by my strength of body. I am now seventy years of age, but with strength that continues to grow; even with little to no strength training of late I can, when given the go ahead, exceed the number of reps, for instance, on my rowing machine or when doing squats, etc.

When given the ‘go ahead’, dearest. Can you explain what you mean by this?

I am, as you have said, of one purpose. That is, I know I am here to do as I am doing bringing the new Fantasy into play. As a part of this plan I am strictly advised by you, The C.C. in regard all things. In other words: I am happily mindful of following my soul’s advice and instruction in all matters. This is not always something I embrace, particularly when it comes to movement and exercise. I thoroughly enjoy movement of any kind. However, to prove backwards aging to me I have not always been given the inspiration to exercise. Because of this ‘lack of exercise’ I cannot deny the strengthening my body has undergone during a period of inertia. Couple this with the aging that would normally be present for a woman of my years I have no option but to accept that backwards aging is indeed a reality for me.

And this will continue for you, dearest; and for all who follow your example.

Many Blessings to All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk

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2 thoughts on “7. Without Good Feelings Comes Aging

    1. Yes, Caz, it’s pretty extraordinary, to say the least. 🙂
      Today, though, this has become ‘my life’, so to speak – to the extent that it is now the norm.

      I hope my example can give you, especially, a lot of hope. As The C.C. have mentioned to you personally – this new ‘play/fantasy’ is open to you.
      Sending lots of Love to You, Caz..
      You know I adore You.

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