6. Is Causing Harm and Wishing to Harm the Same?

A question posed by Charlie of CharlieCountryBoy

No, Dear Heart, is the succinct answer. We shall explain:

Causing harm is not a conscious thought. That is: We all cause harm in some way to ourselves and to others. This may be intentional; as is the case when wishing harm. Or, Dear Heart; we may cause harm unintentionally to ourselves and to others by our ignorance. Ignorance being a lack of awareness and/or knowledge; you understand.

Therefore, Dear Heart, there is a need to open ourselves to awareness. This is not as simple as it may seem. We may not wish to become cognizant of the pain we ignorantly cause ourselves and others; no indeed. To be aware means to take responsibility for our thoughts and subsequent actions. Does it not? Indeed it does, Dear Heart. Indeed it does.

Therefore, once again, we find ourselves within a quandary; a quandary that requires courage if we are to become ‘harmless’.

To speak to the second part of your question, Dear Heart; is wishing to harm the same as causing harm. Yes, Dear Heart, we have reversed your question, so to speak.

The answer lies within the question. Does it not?

Wishing to harm is intentional; yes indeed. However, Dear Heart, we would like to speak upon a value already in existence within The Earth Fantasy, though, one that shall take a firmer hold upon The Fantasy as we move forward.

The value already in existence is:  Whatever we wish for another will be true for ourselves. Yes, indeed, Dear Heart, this is a ‘double edged sword’ we wield. Whatever our intention is for another will firstly be true for ourselves.

This is not to say that were we to wish for wealth or health for another this will become reality for ourselves. No indeed not, Dear Heart. The same can be said for the scenario of wishing someone to break a leg – becoming reality for us. No, Dear Heart, this too is not the case.

However, and this cannot be emphasised too much. Were we to wish ourselves and others well; this thought, this intention will become a reality for ourselves in the fashion of good feelings.

This cannot be underestimated, Dear Heart. For, good feelings translate into positivity. Positivity translates into healthier cells. Healthier cells translates into backwards aging. Backwards aging translates into joy and camaraderie. And on and on the translating continues, Dear Heart. You get the drift!

Many Blessings, Dear Heart, Many Blessings

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Well I think that clears that up. I’ve cancelled the Sniper Rifle order. I find as I get older (scratch that) younger… I don’t feel the need to cause or wish harm 😀

    1. Yes, Charlie, kinda clears that up for me, too. Thankfully, now that I think upon it, I certainly wouldn’t want to be held responsible for the ‘unintentional’ hurts I’ve caused. Phew!

  2. “…good feelings translate into positivity…” I’ll go for that. Especially when my 2-year-old grandson bops me on the head with a pillow – again!
    Thanks, Charlie for the question and Carolyn for the reply.

    1. And positivity translates and translates and translates – I’ll take that anyday! And do!! Hahah
      I’ve just been playing with our two little dogs, which is a morning staple for us – K included. I know it’s not quite the same as a mischievous/delightful grandson bopping you on the head with a pillow – but, like the image a small grandson & a good bopping presents; it is enormously joy filled..
      We are so blessed..

  3. I have always thought that holding grudges, pent-up anger is like taking poison and hoping someone else will be hurt. I agree, our thoughts and motives, actions and decisions will determine the course of our destiny. I want to look back knowing that I have embraced kindness, compassion, resilience and hope. Hugs coming your way.

    1. Hugs received and new hugs created and sent your way.
      Knowing that we have refused to be ruled by the negative and have embraced all that is positive, to the best of our ability, is truly the greatest we can ask of ourselves.
      I haven’t found this an easy task. In fact, it is something I believe I will be working upon for the remainder of my time. However, the rewards for my work have been and are quite remarkable.
      You are indeed a kindred spirit, Rebecca. One I am very pleased to know.

  4. Dear Carolyn, thank you for your positive message! I loved the way you said it:”For, good feelings translate into positivity. Positivity translates into healthier cells. Healthier cells translates into backwards aging. Backwards aging translates into joy and camaraderie. ” I feel the same way.
    Sending you lots of love and my best thoughts! Have an excellent week-end! xoxoxo

    1. Thank You, Dear Mihaela; it’s lovely to see you!
      I think of you often and send sweet thoughts to you. I cannot help but smile whenever I think of you, and especially when you grace my page.
      Lots of love and wishes for a wonderful Sunday!

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