5. Become Harmless

An excerpt from our previous writing  –

We ask for your understanding and will reveal the next step in our process almost immediately.

And here it is, Dear Ones. We said it would come almost immediately, and we are good to our word.

Our dearest smiles as she types the words she hears; indeed she does. She, our dearest, did not think we would be true to our word. For, Dear Hearts, we do not always give as we say we will; indeed not. And why do we not give as we say we will? This we do, Dear Ones, to keep you on your toes; yes indeed.

However, on this occasion we are true to our word. In this case we shall continue with ‘the next step’ along the path to Love and Perfection; yes indeed.

We have journeyed far and wide. Have we not? Yes, indeed we have. We have begun the journey with our two Light Workers extraordinaire and will continue this journey with our two chosen. We say ‘chosen’, Dear Hearts, because they chose to be chosen. Our dearest instigated the plan, and our Dear One Keith agreed to be our dearest’s consort upon the journey.

We shall tell you a little about our two. They have journeyed many times together within many fantasies. They will continue to journey together. And why will they continue to journey together? This they will do because of the great camaraderie that exists between them; a camaraderie that had its beginnings in the beginning. That is to say, Dear Ones, they have known each other since the beginning of the chaos, through until the present.

Because of this their trust in the other is paramount. And this trust bolsters their union and the work they have set out to achieve within this fantasy upon Earth. They will be successful because this is as it is planned. Yes, a simple format that will yield the results intended.

And what are the results intended? The results intended are to mark the plan with their experience of becoming Love and Perfection; the state of freedom from fear.

The first, Dear Hearts; they, our dearest Carolyn and her consort, our Dear Heart Keith will be the first couple to exhibit Love and Perfection upon Earth; yes indeed.

We have spoken of ridding one’s self of fear. We have spoken of maintaining freedom from fear. And now, Dear Ones, we shall speak about the first of many values we have placed upon The Fantasy for the blossoming of the future of freedom from fear; this we will.

Many will be dismayed by many of the values we have placed upon the new Fantasy. Be that as it may, Dear Hearts, we have need to now place those values within our written documentation.

There will be many who shall enjoy many of the values, and many who shall rebel, distort, distrust, and be quite annoyed by many of the values.

There is a need to remember that you, Dear One, have agreed to the values. Were it not for your agreement we would not be here with our dearest typing the words to begin the next phase of our journey.

The next phase, Dear Ones, requires your wholehearted attention; indeed it does. It will take your wholehearted attention to the details if success is to be attained. We speak now of the need to no longer cause harm. Yes, indeed this is true.

And of what ‘harm’ do we speak? All harm, Dear Hearts. Harm to yourself, and others.

The new Fantasy for Earth consists of The Light Workers of the World becoming ‘harmless’ toward themselves, and others.

Hear what we say, Dear Light Workers of the World. We; you and I and all others must become and remain harmless.

We shall leave this with you to consider, Dear Ones.

Many Blessings to All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. I doubt, Charlie, they could be separated; intention being everything, so to speak.
      However, I believe The C,C, will be writing ‘in detail’ as we go along. I will not be surprised were they to write ‘in depth’ regarding this question.

      And, yes indeed, Dear Heart, your question will be answered, in depth, as our dearest spoke. We will, with your consent, take your question and create a documented answer in the form of a post. Yes indeed we will.
      Many Blessings Dear Heart

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