4. The Journey Continues For Our Light Workers

We have asked our dearest a number of questions this evening. The first of our questions was in regard to our Dear Heart Keith. This question revolved around our Dear Heart’s state of mind. Vis-à-vis: Is our Dear Heart Keith more relaxed these days?

The answer, Dear Ones, came back as a positive. Yes indeed; our dearest’s comment was in the affirmative.

However, Dear Hearts, our dearest Carolyn was quick to mention that this relaxed state of mind, our Dear Heart Keith is experiencing, could be due to his changed working conditions. That is, Dear Ones: Our Dear Heart Keith, because of the current Covid-19 encapsulating the world in its menace has caused our Dear Heart to work from home. This, states our dearest Carolyn, could be the reason our Dear Heart Keith is enjoying a more relaxed frame of mind.

Not the case; we reported to our dearest. No; this is not the case.

The reason our Dear Heart Keith is experiencing a greater freedom of mind is due, in part, to the work he has carried out within his mind. That is: He has freed himself from many of the misgivings of mind that kept him in a state of non-relaxation.

This, together with the work he and our dearest Carolyn have done over the past has freed our Dear Heart from many of the fears he has experienced.

This is true, dearest. Your work in tandem has brought many rewards not only for you, dearest, but also for your partner of the negative. Do you not see the changes, dearest?

Yes, I do see many changes.

Can you name one?

I believe the greatest change I’ve seen of late is happiness upon his face. Sometimes he blossoms into a full faced smile; one that captures joy in all its wonder.

Yes, indeed, dearest; this is true. Have you not seen this ‘joy’ upon his face before?

No, not really. I’ve seen glimpses of happiness. This is more than happiness. It seems to come from his toes up, so to speak. It really is delightful to see.

Yes, indeed it is, dearest. And from where does this ‘joy’ arise?

I believe it comes from the sense I understand as ‘freedom from fear’.

Many Blessings, dearest, many blessings.

Once again, Dear Ones, we shall not be asking our dearest to allow comments. Our Dear Hearts continue to work in unisom toward Love & Perfection. We ask for your understanding and will reveal the next step in our process almost immediately.

Many Blessings to All

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