11. A Guarantee

Yes, my friends; if we are to ‘become harmless’ then we must also apply this to ourselves. For, if we fear life we are harming ourselves.

This is true, dearest. Yes indeed; if we have fearful thoughts we are indeed harming ourselves.

To thine own self be true

by William Shakespeare. In Act 1, Scene III of the famous play, Hamlet.

This is a statement that is heard in many arenas. Is it not, dearest?

Yes, it is.

And what do you believe this to mean, dearest?

I can only think upon it in its opposite meaning, so to speak. Were we not being true to ourselves we would be harming ourselves. For, we would not be being honest with ourselves. We would not be doing the right thing by ourselves.

Precisely, dearest, yes; we would not be doing the right thing by ourselves. And would you consider harming yourself to be doing the ‘right thing’ by yourself?

No, of course not.

And why is this?

It seems so obvious to me that to do the wrong thing by yourself is to harm yourself.

Once again, dearest, this is precisely the point.

Do we wish to harm ourselves, Dear Heart? Or do we wish to do the ‘right thing’?

This question is one that only you can answer, Dear One. No one can answer this question for you. No, this is a certainty. And only you, Dear Heart, can guarantee yourself a pleasant life free of fear.

Yes, this requires an enormous amount of self work; yes indeed. However, with desire, acceptance and patience to guide you, you are assured of a degree of enjoyment that will grow as you wipe away the tears of fear.

Many Blessings

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. An excellent point to ponder. I agree, doing wrong by yourself, even if you don’t see it that obviously, is harming ourselves. We’re reinforcing different negative patterns when we do it too, like we’re not good enough, we’re not worth treating ourselves better, we’re not worth taking the risk for something better, and so on. I get stuck on the part of feeling like I ‘deserve’ to do right by myself or that I ‘deserve’ or have ‘earned’ something good, so living in fear or doing wrong by myself is often the default because I feel guilty otherwise. I’m not sure where all of this came from because I never used to be quite this way. I need to start taking a leaf or two out of your book, Carolyn! xx

    1. Yes, Caz, ponder indeed.
      “I’m not sure where all of this came from”
      The insidious nature of negativity lurks about in places unknown to the conscious mind – until we become ‘conscious’.
      Caz. I adore you!

  2. A great reflection, Carolyn, and one that resonates with us all. Why are we our worst critics? Why do we show compassion for others and yet not, in the same measure, to ourselves? I especially appreciated your thought: “Is we have fearful thoughts we are indeed harming ourselves.” So true…

  3. This is so true. There are many truths. One time, my sister vented to me. I said (parashrased) to her (& perhaps I’m wrong) that it is okay to feel the need for vengeance, or any other thing deemed undesirable. To deny thoughts or feelings is to deny the humanity of which is you. You can only act, or not, on these things in a way that seems of the highest benefit to all souls involved. So, yes, “To thine own self be true”. Yet, be the best you you can be.

    1. Well said.

      Yes, Dawn, I do so agree that to deny the harmful thoughts we have is to deny our truth. This, in itself, will bring us harm. The next step begins with acceptance of the truth of human nature.

      It is only by acceptance of this fact that we can then face ourselves with the objectivity needed to overcome and free ourselves from the negatives of harm.

      Lovely to meet you!

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