Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem – Constant Change

Our dearest Carolyn has come to accept the inevitable. And what is the inevitable?

The inevitable, of which we speak, is the inevitability that our Dear Heart Keith is different and will continue to be different. This difference has and will continue to take a course unlike her own. Her course, to date, has been one of accepting and overcoming the various challenges as they present; challenges that have, as their basis; fear. Yes, Dear Ones, our dearest relishes in the challenges as they present. However, our Dear Heart Keith does not relish the challenges.

 As told in a previous writing, our Dear Heart Keith, although with good intentions, has not been inspired to work upon himself. No, Dear Ones, our Dear Heart Keith is more closely allied to behaving in a fashion that models our dearest. Yes, Dear Ones, this he does.

And this will be the case for most Light Workers of the Negative. They will model the behaviour that most resembles their partner of the Light. This they will do once the Light Worker of the Positive is no longer affected by them. They, the Light Worker of the Negative will acquiesce to the greater maturity of their partner. And this, Dear Ones, they will do with aplomb and grace.

Will they backwards age? Yes, indeed they will; however, not to the extent of the Light Worker of the Positive. No, Dear Ones; and this is causing our dearest some angst. She, our dearest Carolyn, would enjoy our Dear Heart Keith more were he to be backwards aging at the same rate. Alas, this is not to be.

Although our Dear Heart Keith has backwards aged and is capable of a more youthful demeanour he does not wish to appear youthful, as does our dearest. No, Dear Ones, the partner of the Negative will not have the same goals. They, in general, will be content with far less youthfulness on their side.

Not so our dearest. No, Dear Ones; our dearest is happily backwards aging and does not wish to age.

Many Blessings

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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  1. Oh! That’s so sad, do you think this has anything to with the current situation? I refuse to give it a name! Your dancing must have halted? Maybe he lacks endorphins? There again what do I know xxxx

    1. Hi Charlie, yes, it’s sad and yet it is what it is!
      I have been coming to terms with the status quo for the differences between the Light Worker of the Light/Positive, and their partner of the Negative.
      Although I would rather it be a more ‘equal’ pace between them, experience has shown me that the differences are there and are a part of the dance between them.
      K is still much stronger than he was some years past, however, he doesn’t have the ‘desire’ (and never has) had the desire to backwards age. This has happened purely because of the arrangement between us, and will happen for all who follow us.
      As the first example of Light Workers this is all new – I/we are experiencing something for the first time within the Earth Fantasy (along with daughter V and her partner).
      It is a little sad; I was hoping I wasn’t imagining it and that K would come out of his reverie, so to speak. But no. This is as it is and as it will be. Doesn’t mean we need to be sad; just means something other than I was hoping for. K will still backwards age; just not as much as me.
      The C.C. have advised me (over the past year or so) that I, as the Light Worker of the Light, would need to move forward alone (in many ways). Already I am learning to dance the Latin rhythms, which I’m loving! I had already, pre covid, started to venture out with my camera. One example was the ‘Chalk the Walk’ weekend. Yes, I’d prefer to have my man by my side. However, I am realising that the Light Worker of the Negative, will have different goals. I’m hoping The C.C. will advise me of these ‘soon’….

  2. Dear Carolyn, I have always enjoyed your posts and feel I can relate to them in my own way – and I wish to thank you for that, it reminds me I am not alone.

    As an aside, I recently saw a documentary on Reversing Your Body Clock and I immediately thought of you. It was on CBC (our Canadian Broadcasting network). I am attaching the link, I am not too sure if you can access it, but if you can, it may be something that you connect with.

    Just an idea.

    Much love, Harlon


    1. Thank You, Harlon, I always love your visits.

      No, I wasn’t able to access the video; which I’m sure would be very enlightening.

      Please excuse me if I sound egocentric or arrogant. However, the experience of backwards aging that I am having cannot be explained by science, as such. As I’ve remarked to my beautiful daughter – the older in years I become, the greater credibility backwards aging will acquire! And because I am experiencing greater youth and vitality (and expect this to continue) the thought of ‘getting older in years’ is actually quite thrilling to me!

      Hahah… It is quite a different mind set to the norm; I know! But – bring it on!!! 😉 😉

  3. Yes, it truly ‘is, what it is’ and does not need to be sad. Everything happens for a reason, but from our limited human perspective, we tend not to see the bigger picture. We are all where we should be in life and that is beautiful.

    I thank you for being a living example and lighting the way…
    Bless you.

    1. Thank You, Ren, for your comment; I absolutely agree. The sadness is brought about by our ‘human perspective’; as you’ve said. The reality is what it is.

      Not always easy with which to come to terms. However, once achieved we are usually presented with a far greater perspective than before – in all manner of ways. A never ending upward spiral, so to speak.

      I know you understand this; you live this. Sometimes (most often) challenging, but, the rewards are wonderful.

      It’s lovely to be meeting you…..

      1. “A never ending upward spiral,” I like that analogy. In a way, it’s comforting and exciting!

        I am very grateful to be meeting you. and I thank you.

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