Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem – A Vision for the Future

This we have asked of our dearest; to set a vision for the future.

We appreciate that without stepping stones, so to speak, our dearest’s view would be limited. We, therefore, need to offer this:

At present, dearest, you have been given the news that our Dear Heart Keith’s goals will be different to your own. Yes?


Indeed, dearest. And this has come as quite a shock. Has it not?

Yes, indeed, it has quite surprised me.

Albeit true, dearest, that our Dear Heart of the Negative will have differing goals, there are many that shall remain the same. We speak, dearest, of our Dear Heart Keith’s goals of living a good life; a life of comfort, so to speak. Yes?

Yes, I do believe he wishes to live a life that encompasses comfort as its basis.

And this will be the case, dearest. However, he shall not enjoy many of the past comforts. No, Dearest, his wishes are changing. He no longer wishes to pursue dance. Yes?

Yes, I believe that to be the case. He shares little in this regard, whereas once this was a constant for him.

Indeed, dearest, yes indeed.

And now?

Now, dearest, his thoughts are more upon the mundane. Yes?

Yes, he seems to be content in his daily habit of morning coffee and reading the newspaper.

Indeed, yes, dearest; this is true for our Dear Heart. And more, dearest; he will be content in the process of making life comfortable for the two; this being his primary goal. Yes, dearest, his primary goal has always been and will continue to be the gaining of monetary profit to enable comfort to continue. Does this surprise?

No, not really. Keith, first and foremost, has been occupied in the gaining of a particular lifestyle; one that promotes comfort.

Yes, indeed, dearest; and this will continue. It shall expand, dearest, to include a more profitable condition. We shall leave this for now. Yes?

Yes. Thank You.

Many Blessings, Dearest. Many Blessings for All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Yes, Michael, a major change, though, one that has been coming since last year when Keith injured his knee – and then came the pandemic!
      However, his interest in the dance has been waning; something I never thought I’d see. But, that’s life and we must accept and ‘keep up’ with the new.
      I, on the other hand, continue to learn the Latin rhythms, which I’m loving. It is also, as The C,C. advised, the form of exercise right for me. My ‘family room’ is now an excellent dance floor. Daughter V gave me a piece of vinyl flooring to use. Once I put my ‘dancesocks’ over my dance shoes I’m able to swivel to my heart’s content without injuring my precious knees.
      My man K is also precious to me; we dovetail each other beautifully. I see this in your relationship with Pam. We are very fortunate, Michael, to have a soul friend with whom to share this topsy turvy world.

  1. So glad to hear that you’ll continue dancing. Where there’s a will, there’s a way…and the opposite is true as well, isn’t it?

    Enjoy your dancing and enjoy your man. They’re both precious!


    1. Oh, Barbara, I can’t see myself ever losing the desire for dance. For me it’s been a life time of ‘swaying to the music’. Music being the optimum word!!!

      “Enjoy your dancing and enjoy your man. They’re both precious!”

      You betcha!

    1. True words, Ren. Even though K has/had been acting as my partner of the negative; there has always been a love between us that I, for one, have/had never known.

      I will add, though, that I am glad those days of conflict between the positive and the negative game is now gone. I no longer am affected, and K no longer needs to affect. It is so good….. Reminds me of that ‘upward spiral’… 😉 😉

  2. Reblogged this on The Last Chapter and commented:
    A quote from Carolyn…”My role is to bring awareness of our existence to those who so choose to hear. They, those who choose to hear, are the Light Workers of the world.” Enjoy a bit of Carolyn’s site, everything is interesting. We need light in this world. E.

    1. What a lovely surprise, Elizabeth. I do believe we have a mutual admiration happening! And, speaking of ‘Light’; I, very clearly see yours.

      So sweet of you. Thank You!

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