Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem – Seeing, But, Not in Entirety

Coved 19 aside, life has been continuing much as it was. Keith continues to work from home, which he has been doing, for the most part, over the past couple of years. And, dancing had been put on the back burner since late 2019, due to Keith’s knee injury. Although dance for me still ‘lights my fire’, for K it is an ever decreasing fire; almost to the state of past embers never to be rekindled.

Because of this love for dance, and the music that accompanies dance, I cannot stop dancing. Ergo, I began learning the Latin rhythms; as you advised would be the case some time past. However, I wasn’t to know then that I would be learning alone! This hasn’t really concerned me as my love of dance is not dependant upon dancing in public. I gain an enormous amount of pleasure dancing and learning in my own company; so to speak.

Added to this the wonderful exercise form that dancing presents, I am happy in my skin; as it were.

Armed with the information given during our last conversation and not, at this point in time, knowing whether K and I will be enjoying a joint project (such as was dancing) I can only assess a vision for the future based upon our continued love and respect; but, with a more individualistic relationship, though, in union.

Keith has a hobby based in geology and minerals. This has been one of his loves since childhood and keeps him entertained for many hours during the week. It also keeps him at the computer, for the most part, conversing with like minds and moderating within a website. Although I do not share his enthusiasm I can share the time. We spend many hours, side by side, each engaged within our own creative pursuits.

However, more and more I am appreciating that now that the game of the Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem has reached the milestone whereby I (the Positive) and Keith (the Negative Light Worker) no longer require the intensity that was our past; there is now space for change to occur. In this is a tremendous amount of freedom.

Because also, during this aspect of the game, I found freedom from fear; there are so many possibilities for the future. Added to this the backwards aging I am experiencing it is difficult to know what opportunities may present; and what I may be capable of achieving.

And this is the point, Dearest. You will not be able to conceive of the future built upon the status of today. Yes?

Yes, precisely. I do appreciate that I have desires that are vastly different to the desires of yesterday. Yesterday, so to speak, I was an aging woman advancing in years and abilities. Today is a vastly different animal.

Yes, indeed, dearest. Yes, indeed. We shall leave this here for now. Yes?

Yes. Thank You.

Many Blessings, Dearest

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Courtesy: © VeronicaWildPhotography


  1. Hi my dear Carolyn, I love the peaceful and joyful spirit of your message! As always, reading your words is such an uplifting experience! Have a beautiful and inspired day!
    I’m sending you lots of hugs!

    1. Most certainly, dear Rebecca; I will be happy to continue to do as you suggest.

      We are very blessed with the connections we find. I was only saying to K last night that our ‘virtual’ connections are just as important as are our physical ones. I never thought I’d ever say or believe that. However, as time goes by this proves itself over and over again!

      Sending hugs

  2. “Opposites attract”, as they say. My ex and I used to spend a lot of time alone together, me doing my thing, he doing his. It was so comfortable and natural, and we were like lightness and darkness with our personalities in some ways; I was the stresser, he was the too laid-back one, and together we balanced out. I’m sorry that the love for dancing isn’t going to be something you can do together now, though you never know quite what the future holds, but I’m glad you’re appreciating more and more the time spent alone together and how the connection can be stronger as a result. xx

    1. Thank You, Caz – Yes, we are extremely comfortable in each other’s company.
      However, early this morning The C.C. gave me more information, which I posted and, to an extent, am still processing after speaking with K about it.
      As is always the case, he (K) looked soulful and agreed to the feelings The C.C. mentioned.
      I then said I was going to the nursery to pick up some ‘rocket’ (arugula) and some basil. Normally (well, months back) he would have hopped into the car immediately. Not now! As with most things he is not inspired….
      Ahh well – We will adjust to the new in time!
      Needless to say I now have lots of rocket and basil to plant…

  3. Lulu: “Mama and Dada are definitely missing the dancing with COVID-19. The other day they moved all the furniture out of the dining room so they could dance a little on the tile. It was pretty disruptive!”
    Charlee: “What happened to the dance floor in the garage? Why don’t they just go out there?”
    Lulu: “Have you ever been in the garage, Charlee?”
    Charle: “No …”
    Lulu: “Well let’s just say if moving furniture out of the dining room was a chore, cleaning up the garage to dance in would be just about impossible right now.”

    1. Hahah… Lulu and Chaplee I know just what Mama and Dada are feeling right now. Thank goodness, though, I’m just learning the Latin technique right now because, otherwise, I’d need to be moving furniture too! Oh Covid-19 go away and leave us alone. Boo Hoo.
      I can remember, some many years past, going to my doctor. He said I had a ‘virus’. I said I didn’t want any virus; Thank You Very Much.
      He said. “It has to live somewhere.”
      I replied. “Not inside me. It can take up residence somewhere else.”
      He only laughed and gave me a pat on the shoulder with advice to rest and take it easy.
      Easy for him to say!!! I wanted to dance!

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