Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem – Stalemate

We have spoken in regard to the Light Workers each having different roles to play; our Light Workers of the Positive; our dearest Carolyn, and our Dear Heart Veronica. We have also spoken in regard to the role of the Light Worker of the Negative, our Dear Heart Keith. We would like to elucidate upon the role of each, beginning with our Dear Heart Keith.

The role of the Light Worker of the Negative is to act as a catalyst for the Light Worker of the Positive to achieve Love and Perfection. And what is Love and Perfection?

Love and Perfection, Dear Ones, is the ability to forego fear. We say ‘forego’, because, Dear Ones, fear is a choice.

This is a difficult concept for the human brain to come to terms. However, once the game of Love and Perfection begins, the nuances of the game begin to become evident.

Fear is a choice. Hear this well, Dear Ones. Fear is a choice.

Our dearest knows this well; for fear has become a thing of the past for her. However, Dear Ones, we wish to speak upon the subject of the Light Worker of the Negative; or, the catalyst for change. In particular, we wish to speak upon the Light Worker, Keith. His role, to date, has been to mimic all that is negative. Indeed, he has been a champion of the negative and has succeeded in his role. The success of his role is evident within the life of our dearest Carolyn, who continues to live a life free of fear.

With the success of his role to date our Dear Heart Keith is at a loss. He has not been given the inspiration to work upon himself, and will not be given such inspiration. No, Dear Ones, our Dear Heart Keith’s mission has been accomplished. We say accomplished because, Dear Ones, he is now languishing in a sense of non productivity. This has the effect of tarnishing him with the brush of sorrow and the sense of worthlessness.

Will our Dear Heart recover from this sea of instability? Yes and no.

He will, in time, adjust to the new; however, his main goal now achieved, there is little that can be done to inspire him.

And this, our dearest feels and observes. This will continue for our dearest, and for all Light Workers of the Positive.

Once the objective of Love and Perfection has been achieved, will come a condition of stalemate between the two. Not the ideal; thinks our dearest. However, the past short while has proven to our dearest that this position of ‘no go’ is true and correct.

And what will the outcome of this state of apathy be?

Our dearest has agreed to be the example of the Light Worker of the Positive. In this role she has excelled. Our dearest also knows that living this example will bring all to bear. She is now objective about her role and that of her partner of the negative. As the answers are forthcoming it will be her duty and her honour to write about them.

Many Blessings to All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk

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  1. Is Keith consciously aware of his negative role? Of the Positive and Negative Light Workers? If you have already addressed this, please point me to the post/s and I’ll read. 😀

    You have been the first to bring this tandemness to my awareness. I thank you!

    1. Ren, I would recommend that you download Part 1 (and Part 2 should you care to) of Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem on our downloads page – it is No: 7. https://abcofspiritalk.net/

      Take your time reading; there is a lot of information.

      To answer your question regarding Keith’s knowledge – Yes, he does know, however, as he has said; his comprehension is limited. For example: After receiving this communiqué from The C.C., given a number of hours past, we discussed it in full. Because of the trust between us, and the confidence he has in me, he was able to listen and take the information within. Now, some hours later, he is so much more composed than he has been the past few weeks. He now realises (as do I) that there have been valid reasons why he has felt as he has; as The C.C. wrote – feeling non productive, sorrowful and with a sense of worthlessness. This is always the case. We discuss the advice and, inevitably he understands because he can relate. However, it is not a total understanding.

      We are the first to experience the Light Workers Working in Tandem, Ren. This is why you have not heard of it before. My beautiful daughter, Veronica and her husband are/will be the second to achieve the state of Love and Perfection. Her husband, although he knows of the spiritual work I am doing, like Keith has limited comprehension. This will be the ‘general’ position for the Light Worker of the Negative – and many of the Positive Light Workers too. This is all explained within the writings.

      I can only encourage you to read our free literature, or listen to the audios; it is there for those who feel the inspiration to know more. And it would seem, Ren, that you are being given every inspiration to do so!

      1. Carolyn, Last year, I had become a prisoner of my mind via a reaction to the increased wifi frequencies and became isolated. I was all alone, even though I was not. A living hell it was.

        In March this year, while “getting back online”, I had a strong nudge to find others and was “lead” to your site. There was a post about free ebooks and I took full advantage, thank you! I did read all and will need to go back and reread, like you said, there is a ton of info.

        In looking at my files, I see I will need to re-download pt 2 of what you refer me to.

        While on this topic, I want you to know that those downloads helped me greatly. I walked away with two huge points that helped to bring me back up to who I truly am.

        1-“I am the experience that my soul is having!”
        Wow!! That really put things in perspective.

        2-Not to share your dreams with others, for they tend to crush them right out from under you.
        Even though I took that to heart, was conscious of it, I (from habit) would slip up and share my dreams. Sure enough (I know they meant well), I was met with why my dreams would not ever happen. 😦 I am much wiser now in that field. 🙂

        Thank you for taking time to further explain and answer my question about Keith. I feel I understand much better now and it all makes sense!

        I will now go do some downloading…and thanx again!

        1. I won’t go into it now, Ren; however, a number of years past I moved from our front room bedroom to a bedroom at the back of our home because I was experiencing negative physical energies throughout my body. The outside wall of the front bedroom houses the electrical box and is situated a few metres from our neighbour’s electrical box. After the move the strange vibrations in my body ceased almost immediately. I am aware that there are many who suffer in this way. It is all a part of our soul’s ‘particular’ experience. Each of us having differing experiences. I am so pleased that ‘that’ experience came (is coming) to a close for you. This Earth experience is certainly not for the faint hearted… 🙂

          I am also so pleased for you that you’ve found value in the writings. Light Workers we are; Light Workers we shall always be ‘in this particular experience’.

          And, as a by the by – I have just updated Part 2 of the Negative and Positive Light Workers Working in Tandem to include the more recent additions – both PDF and Audio.

          Take it slow! As The C.C. often remind me – Patience is needed. We are only at the beginning of this ‘change’.

          1. Thank you for sharing your experience to the electrical. I appreciate that greatly. And thank you for seeing/recognizing my closure to that experience.

            Yesterday, I downloaded Pt1 and Pt2 of Tandem, including audio. I noticed Pt1 that I still had was of less pages, so I deleted and started fresh. Will it contain your recent additions?

            Then I proceeded to redownload all that I no longer had on mu computer. Plan to reread all. Reading such info as yours, requires (for me) many rereads and I gain something new, each time.

            Thanx for a reminder to take it slow. I have always been one of grand patience, often surprising others.

            Only in the beginning of this ‘change’…. a change I did not fathom would happen in my lifetime. This is so fabulously fun! And I will admit, it is a test to my patience cuz I know there is such beauty that lies ahead for all and I want to be there NOW. Ha Ha

            And thank you for your patience with my questions and inquiries.

            1. Ren, You’ll need to ‘refresh’ the page in order to receive the new files I’ve added. If that still doesn’t work you may need to close my site altogether and then open it again. Here’s hoping! If that still doesn’t work I have them on another page that you may not have opened, which will mean it is not in your ‘cache’. You could try this first… Our Free Books

              Yes, it is rather exciting. But, slow!!!!!

              Please feel free to ask questions. It’s a pleasure to be connecting with you.

              1. Change is slow, which I feel is good, because it gives us a chance to just ‘meld’ into it. If change happened BOOM-NOW, then I feel there would be a lot more “chaos” than what may now appear to be. (even though it is not really chaos)

                I went to the link you just now provided. It seems to be what I downloaded, so all is good.

                I have listened to 1 & 2 of Tandem and have a much clearer understanding.

                Thank you for the open door for questions, I’m sure I will be knocking.

                It is a true pleasure to be connecting with you also.

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