Movement of Body and Mind

Dancing continues to consume our dearest Carolyn’s thoughts; yes indeed.

We have advised our dearest that dance will become the order of the day, so to speak. And this, Dear Ones, is the case. Our dearest moves to the beat. Not on a daily basis; no, Dear Ones. Our dearest’s activities must include much more than dance. And what do we mean by this?

We mean, Dear Hearts; there must be ‘balance’ in movement. And how is this achieved?

This is achieved, Dear Ones, by alternating various types of movement. For example:

Our dearest varies movement by varying the rhythm of her movements. Stretch requires a far different movement than does walking; than does dance; than does weights – you get the drift.

Yes, in order for the body to have balance; a varying amount of movement is required.

This is not only for the body, Dear Hearts; no indeed. The mind, or the brain of man, requires various movements in order for balance to be obtained. Yes? Yes, indeed, ’tis true, Dear Ones.

Were the brain, the mind, continually dissecting the same thoughts, there would be stalemate. Yes? Yes indeed.

There is a need for the mind to be constantly interested in various topics, yes indeed. Otherwise, failure is imminent. And what is failure for the mind?

This is a simple question with a simple answer.

Failure for the mind leads to boredom. And what becomes of the mind when it is bored?

Another simple question with a simple answer:

Negativity leading to downfall. That is right, Dear Ones.

Boredom leads to negativity; which, for the mind of man leads to……

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. As much as I luv to dance, Dorothy, I know I would quickly grow tired of doing the same thing day after day!
      And speaking of cooking…. 🙂 There’s the proof of needing variety in everything. I am so enjoying the variety of foods within your recipes.
      No exaggeration! You have introduced me to great variety. I was only saying to K last night. I can’t wait to have that pepper treat again! And I most definitely will. Only not too often, else I get bored.
      I really can’t see that happening with ‘that’ recipe in particular. But, discipline, Carolyn; discipline!!!

    1. “Carry on!”
      Indeed I will, Barbara; indeed I will.

      You know I often think of you when I’m practising dance. Oh, to be 68 inches tall. And then you put on shoes. Oh, I’m salivating at the thought…


    1. Mihaela, you make my little heart sing – and my heart loves to sing…

      And yes, I do love receiving these thoughts. This has been a most beautiful aspect of my life; one I’ve come to treasure and expect. Like a friendly face, the thoughts are always full of love.

      May you have a joy filled day, dear Mihaela

  1. It’s true that boredom does lead to negativity. I have had the unfortunate pleasure of getting sucked into that black hole of negativity because I was so bored.

    I love this article Carolyn. 🤗🤗

    1. Yes, Kendi, I believe we have all been, as you’ve said, “sucked into that black hole”. And, isn’t it the most awful place to be?!

      Awareness is everything; for sure. Particularly at this time on our planet. I have found myself saying things to myself like – “Be Kind”… Being conscious of our thoughts is everything!


  2. Charlee: “Mama and Dada say they know lots of people who only do one or a few kinds of dancing.”
    Chaplin: “Yeah apparently a lot of people do the swing, and nothing but the swing.”
    Charlee: “But Mama and Dada prefer to do a little bit of everything.”
    Chaplin: “Maybe that’s because Mama doesn’t like the swing.”
    Lulu: “If you two don’t stop rhyming every sentence, I’m going to start barking.”
    Charlee: “That’s the way to get into the spirit, Lulu! Uh, …. ing.”

    1. Oh, Mama and Dada are soooo clever. And they don’t even need to be told. No, they don’t. They know ‘intuitively’ what is best for them.
      And besides that, of course, they just luv to dance and dance and dance. I’d luv to see them dancing. Maybe, one day, they will post a video, or two, or three!
      I live in hope…. 🙂

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