Negativity – It’s only Natural

Listen while you read 🙂

There is a need to investigate the inner workings, dearest; this is to be at the uppermost portion of your thoughts. That is, dearest; to maintain equilibrium of body and mind there is the need to be constantly aware of the thoughts that traverse the mind.

We say ‘traverse’ dearest; for this, in the main, is what happens within the mind. Thoughts come and go; many having no need for concern nor more thought; no indeed. Those thoughts, in the main, are as a robot – they have no secure root from which they have sprung. No indeed, dearest. Most thoughts are purely created by the negative inclination of our inherent structure, which, as we have spoken, is based upon negativity.

Therefore, dearest, to protect ourselves against the preponderance of the mind to engage within the negative we have need to be vigilant, indeed.

And this we offer to all:

Knowing that the negative state is the natural state, we can, with constant effort, refrain from being within this debilitating state of being. And how is this achieved?

Simply by our awareness, Dear Ones.

Simple enough!

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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  1. A word of definition: it seems to me that while we may indeed have an enculturated potency to negativity, vigilance will indeed strip this away– to reveal our truly natural tendency for enthusiastic affirmation ☺

    1. Yes indeed, Ana, vigilance can strip this away, as you’ve said. This takes a lot of work to maintain, and it (the negative) is often upon me before I realise.
      Knowing that, as a consciousness, negativity is our natural inclination, and having my awareness open to this appreciation, certainly alerts me to the natural way in which negative thoughts appear. It would seem that without this awareness the negative may indeed take command. This, naturally, leads to many of the emotional, mental states of sadness, depression, loneliness, etc., that so many find themselves within.
      Yes, vigilance against this natural phenomenon, I’m finding, is a calm approach to maintaining equilibrium.
      So good to see you… 🙂

      1. I find negativity unnatural, culturally induced, and positivity natural to us when the unnatural cultural conditioning I’d removed through diligence. Just a suggested word definition.

  2. Interesting, and very well said! I agree that awareness is a powerful thing, being conscious of what we do and the way we can be drawn to negativity or let it impact our lives is hugely important in managing its effect on us. Be vigilant we must! xx

    1. Yes indeed, Caz; well said.
      For me, the approach to this lies in knowing that negativity is a natural phenomenon. This takes away any sense of guilt, shame or feelings of inadequacy when I find myself within a negative mindset. I see it as natural, but realise I have the power to change this state. Thank goodness!
      Lovely, as always, to see you…. 🙂

  3. It is an interesting thing to sit with the mind for a while and simply ‘observe’ like you say all of the thoughts that come and go. It makes you realise just how out of control we really are. When we realise that we are inclined for negativity, we can realise that there is always positivity out there, even when it is seemingly invisible to us!

    1. I love your comment, Dan; and I agree with your sentiments.
      One thing I’d like to add is: Once this realisation is known, and accepted, comes ‘choice’. We can either choose to be subject to this reality, or we can choose to circumnavigate it. I don’t believe we can overcome it completely; I do believe it to be an innate condition. But, with desire and conscious work we can whittle away at it, ultimately gaining greater command.

    1. Hello beautiful Vanessa. I was thinking about you before I opened WP, and here you are! 🙂
      My thoughts centred upon acceptance of our innate consciousness, and how, with acceptance, we need have no fear. This has been so for me. The more I appreciate ‘consciousness’ and accept it for what it is with all its foibles, the more I can view it in ‘gentle’ terms (as a babe) and refrain from being negatively affected by it. This has the effect of giving me more command; hence, less fear – even when crazy thoughts traverse the screen of my mind I remain as an observer; a very interested observer watching without fear!

      1. Oww 🤩 we were both travelling in the universal net 😄♥️ Today I came here first to wish you a wonderful Christmas filled with much dance, love, and joy! 🤶🏼🌿 You’re a couple of hours ahead of me but I hope I still come on time 🧚‍♀️

        Thank you for sharing that thoughts, they resonate a lot. When I trust and get into the natural flow there is no need to fear. The mind, however, often gets stuck in the rush of the many. Life is so pure when we embrace gentleness and a word I love – grace… May we return more and more to that state – I so wish that ❤️🌿 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘

  4. Thanks for sharing a wonderful message at the end of this year, I would like to welcome the New Year with this awareness. 🙂 Merry Christmas to you & your family!

  5. Awareness in/of a wolf, an ant or any creature in survive mode, will help assist life for another day.
    I am assisted.
    I am also aware that this time of year is special for many, aware or not.
    Much love, many blessings and joy to you and your family, dear Carolyn. XOXOXO

  6. Hahaaa… Yes indeed, dear Resa; you are most certainly ‘aware’…
    It is a wonderful time of year. Even though I now do not have a religious allegiance, so to speak, I enjoy the flavour of Christmas. When in India, I enjoyed the religious festivities I found there. They ‘lift’ the hearts of many, indeed.
    I echo your sentiments, Resa… Much Love & Joy to you & your loved ones.

  7. Charlee: “We’re not really negative about things. Not really.”
    Chaplin: “It’s just that, as cats, we are such superior beings, we can’t help but look a bit askance at everything else in the world.”

    1. Oh, Hipster Kitties, I just found your wonderful comment – it must have been hiding!
      I do appreciate you looking askance at ‘things’; kitties have that ability, to be sure.
      However, they also have the ability to bring a lot of love & joy.
      Here’s to lots of love, fun and mischief for 2019…
      Happy New Year!

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