New Found Freedom!

We would like to make a few observations, dearest. Yes?

Yes, of course. Please go ahead.

Firstly, dearest, we would ask of you whether or not you are enjoying the changes?

Yes, indeed I am enjoying the changes. Thank You for asking.

Our pleasure, dearest, our pleasure indeed. Shall we speak of the changes, dearest?

Yes, please do.

Right, dearest, we shall speak upon many of the subtle and the not so subtle changes occurring for you. This must firstly be addressed with a premise, dearest.  The premise of which we refer is the reward of working toward ridding oneself of fear. Yes?

Yes, I appreciate this premise, and am enjoying the process greatly.

Indeed, dearest, we know this to be true for you. However, dearest, for our dear readers we shall offer the following:

As a result of our dearest working toward ridding herself of fear, and the many offshoots of this, we offer the following.

Aha, our dearest has stopped us in our tracks, so to speak. Yes indeed, our dearest has wondered what is meant by our remark; “and the many offshoots of this”.  We shall explain:

Without the offshoots of eating a healthy diet, Dear Ones, such as refusing, as much as possible, the contaminants such as sugar; the effects of ridding oneself of fear will not be as demonstrable. Along with this, Dear Hearts, is the need of strengthening the physical body with a regime that suits. Our dearest, for example, delights in dancing with her life partner, Keith; and works-out using her row machine, stepper and some light ballet exercises.

We ask that our dearest not overdo these workouts. As we have stated elsewhere; for those whose goal is Love and Perfection will acquire a shortcut to health. That is, Dear Ones, we shall instigate health with an adjustment to the amount of exercise usually necessary to achieve your physical goals; this we will and are doing, indeed.

Our dearest has made mention of those who suffer ill-health, and their exercise regimes. Yes indeed, dearest: 

For those who are suffering ill-health is the need to do as much as is possible within the limitation of illness. This is, naturally, different for each individual. We again ask that such individuals not overdo exercise, but keep within the limitation of illness, without succumbing completely to inactivity.

And so, Dear Ones, we shall continue:

Our dearest is enjoying the delights of a greater freedom to do as she is inspired. By this we mean, Dear Ones:

As the imperfections diminish; comes freedom from fear. Our dearest has found her once shy and introverted self becoming liberated. Her once ‘inhibitions of limitation’ now falling away; leave her to express herself in a manner to which she is adjusting with ease. To say she is enjoying the capacity of self expression is indeed true. We speak of self critiquing, Dear Hearts. This limitation (caused by fear) once removed; enable the individual to express themselves in a manner without the usual ‘stopgap’ noticeable otherwise.

Yes indeed; this one imperfection is responsible for many a soul to lament its potential. For, Dear Ones, your life plan is contingent upon the releasement of the fears that stand between you and the plan you have agreed to for this, so called, life experience.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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  1. “Her once ‘inhibitions of limitation’ now falling away; leave her to express herself in a manner to which she is adjusting with ease.” Freedom from fear, adjusting to what you can do to make positive changes, activity within your limitations but not being limited by them, are all wonderful points. Health, happiness & freedom to you, lovely 🙂
    Caz xx

    1. Thank You, Michael; so good you enjoyed.
      Yes, I agree. The image ‘compelled’ me to use it.. haha! It holds such wonderful connotations of strength, vigor and movement; I couldn’t refuse it.!

    1. I am so pleased to read this, Megala. To be experiencing this releasement from our fear/s is indeed such a joy. With time, and effort, there is a sense of moving more deeply into the ‘onion’ that is our fear. Layer upon layer are unearthed. The result is, as you know, more and more freedom; a freedom that cannot be taken away – it is ours because we have created it.
      Much Gratitude and Love to You

  2. This is such an important lesson and message ♥️ having dealt with different chronic symptoms for more than a decade now (ouch) I can’t express enough how this is so important to live and thrive even when we are ill. It’s so easy to become inactive and so easy to overdo too. I find the same is true regarding the food we eat. This teaching should be one of the very first passed on to chronic patients… the practise of temperance and listening to one’s boundaries ♥️ Thank you dear Carolyn for bringing us these teachings from the other realm 😘😘😘 I hope you have found a new balance too 😘😘😘

    1. Yes indeed, Dear Heart, our dearest is at her most happiest when being the scribe for messages that enhance the lives of all.
      Your enjoyment and understanding are appreciated and well known to us, Dear One.
      Many Blessings

    1. You are very welcome, Moushmi. 🙂
      I, too, love the image. I couldn’t stop myself – it had to be this image, and this image alone! 🙂
      Lovely, as always, to see you…

  3. Working on it! Two steps forward, and one step back seems to be my regime. Best, every time I come here, I see that I am carrying around a little less fear.
    You know, “Two steps forward, and one step back” sounds like a dance. I like that! 😀 xoxoxo

    1. Wow; good for you!
      And that’s a great dance; one that is ultimately moving forward.
      V and I were chatting recently. We spoke about those things (challenges) we are experiencing now that we never thought we’d have to entertain in our lives. We are now experiencing them because the fear preventing us from those experiences has been overcome…
      Yep: It sure is a dance; one that will lead us on to fulfilling our life plan…
      Three cheers for that.. 🙂

  4. Dear Carolyn,
    your thoughts on the new found freedom were just the thing that I needed to hear. I love the light that you are shinning through your messages and the good vibes that are surrounding you and your words and actions. Thank you for everything my dear friend!

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