Masculine & Feminine Energies United

Moose Couple – Bull and Cow

We have a tale to tell, Dear Ones; indeed we do.

Our dearest Carolyn has been undergoing changes; changes that all will evidence as they experience the releasement of fear; heralding many changes. The change that we shall speak upon this day, Dear Ones, is the capturing of opposites. And what is meant by this?

By this we mean, Dear Hearts:  Our dearest is experiencing the Masculine Energy.

This has been a most delightful experience for our dearest. We shall explain:

The masculine energy and the feminine energy are two distinct energies. Most have a combination of the two, to one degree or another. However, most have a higher degree of one over the over; you appreciate. Our dearest has had a preponderance of feminine energy over the masculine.

During the past week our dearest has been experiencing more masculine energy; this is as arranged. In doing so our dearest now understands the major difference between the two.

Firstly:  Our dearest has not had to engage in conversation, as has been a dominant factor of the feminine energy. Yes, Dear Hearts, our dearest has been quite enthralled by the need ‘not to talk’. This has seen a great conservation of energy once spent conversing; either by voice, or by written word. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts; our dearest has spent much great energy talking, thinking, or writing.

Secondly, Dear Ones: Our dearest has found a straightforward manner in conversing coming to the fore. Our dearest now appreciates the uncomplicated manner of the masculine energy. It is direct, and takes no quarter, as our dearest reports.

When mixed in a balanced manner, the individual will feel, as our dearest feels, strong in a mental sense coupled with the softer energy of the feminine energies.

We hasten to remind our readers:

All who undergo the transformation from living with fear to the eradication of fear will, eventually, be as our dearest; experiencing the balancing of the feminine and masculine energies. A much appreciated transformation; as our dearest reports.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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    1. Yes indeed, Vanessa, it’s been a very slow process; one that has caused doubt, confusion and a great deal of hard work – not for the feint hearted at all..
      However, this particular change hasn’t been a ‘work’ condition; it’s been more of a very interesting learning condition. For instance: I’ve come to understand that the masculine energy does ‘as it wants to do’ without the usual feminine aspect of dissecting every minute detail.
      I am so looking forward to learning and experiencing more of this ‘change’. I feel I can’t really do justice to it, at this stage. I believe I’ll need more ‘time’ and actual living experiences before I can truly articulate the changes.
      I ‘can’ say it’s a great change to something truly concrete and substantial… 😍😍😍

      1. We will be looking forward to learn from you my dear Carolyn – take your time. It’s a great difference between female and masculine, it’s a wonderful thing that you’re experiencing that in order to balance them. I’m excited for you! Although I can imagine how hard and confusing it is. Let it sink in and we will all be sending you light. You’re brave ✨🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    1. I know you’d enjoy it, Megala. One of the changes over the past days has been a sense of ‘self containment’ – I have no longer the need to express myself as once I did (as is written in the post). I find myself weighing up the need to speak, even ‘at all’. I don’t seem to want to engage in long conversations nor delve too deeply into any one subject. The masculine energy doesn’t require that. It is such a refreshing change. 🙂

  1. How interesting this post is. I find myself wondering if the meshing of your feminine and masculine sides happened on purpose or by accident. Is it something you planned on doing or did you just notice that something’s changed?

    As I reread the post, I take it that your newfound strength comes from releasing fear. Sounds good – sign me up!

    1. It’s a long story, Barbara, and yes, you got the gist with the reread..
      This current change is a part of the process associated with releasing fear. And no, I never know what delights will be next on the agenda, so to speak. However, I’m more than a willing participant; this is my work! Dancing is my fun; working upon myself is my work…
      If you are at all interested perhaps a little read of some of

      our free books

      may be helpful.

  2. True, brusque as I find it, the male energy is less like a tree with branches, and more like the trunk.
    Oft I find, dealing with the trunk, that few words say the most. As a branching branch, I’ve much to say. Many leaves spring forth.
    However, staying on point is a focus. Focusing is necessary to digest information.
    The trunk digests. The branches leaf.
    The male/female reality and dichotomy are a guidance.
    Thank you, Carolyn!

  3. (brusque) Yes, Resa, I hear you!
    It’s hard to articulate, though, when united with the feminine energy (and its softer undertones) the rough edges are smoothed. What is left is a strength, a mental strength that is quietly surprising me.
    As a recent example: Veronica, Keith and I were having coffee. During these times I am usually very alert listening to the conversation, joining in and generally enjoying myself.
    On this last occasion, I was able to sit back, relax and allow the flow to go naturally in whatever direction it took.
    This mental strength I now feel is freeing me from needing to control, join in, or even speak. But, because I am so relaxed this new paradigm is being accepted unconditionally, so to speak. The brusqueness you’ve mentioned doesn’t exist when combined with the gentler energies.
    It’s been such a great experience!

  4. What and interesting experience, dear Carolyn! It also made me smile …”no need to talk” 🙂 I can only imagine how great it feels to have balanced both energies. Hugs from me and Mr. D.

    1. It is an ‘interesting’ experience, Helen, one that is bringing some (very welcome) surprises with it. By the way: I don’t believe the energies are ‘balanced’ as yet; that will no doubt come with time, but, for now, I am enjoying the difference in so many ways.
      To say our dearest in enjoying her new found freedom is true, Dear Heart. Our once shy individual is welcoming her new status. And that is, Dear One:
      All that is imperfect continues to fall away. This, Dear Heart, opens the way for the great adventure of life to have its opportunity – the opportunity to fulfil whatever is the individual’s life plan.
      Many Blessings to you, Dear One

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