Recovery From Illness!

The following is an excerpt (October 2014) from ‘Our Time Has Come’ – The third in our PDF Book Series.

Our Time Has Come – Chapter 12 – And We Say to All  

“I do find what you are telling me in regard to excitement, travel and renown, a little hard to visualise at the moment. Feeling as I do (rather ill and without energy) it is rather hard to conceive a life filled with energy once again.”

“I did have enormous energy whilst dancing for those years. However, as I said; it’s hard to conceive (from my sick bed) a life such as you’ve advised.”

Indeed, dear brave heart, we understand. However, be that as it may, dearest, you will recover (as indeed you are currently recovering) and you will experience a new way of life; one that shall take you around the world, dearest, filled with hope, love and advice for the many who shall flock to see you.


Know, as we have advised our Little One, so to you, Dear Heart. Should you be currently troubled with illness, you will find recovery, Dear One. Indeed you will.

Our dearest, Carolyn, finds our words alarming. She is concerned regarding our proclamation of health.

Indeed, dearest, we understand your misgivings. However, dearest, be not concerned. Those who have agreed to work upon themselves, for the betterment of mankind, will find their health improving, as time goes by. This they will, dearest.

This is our guarantee, as has been spoken:

Health or a return to health will become yours, Dear Hearts, as time goes by. This will be evidence of the work upon thyself, dear brave hearts. Indeed it will.

Be not afraid, Dear Hearts, as indeed the Little One feels at this precise moment in time. Recovery shall proceed from the moment of your decision to work toward perfection. Indeed a guarantee agreed upon before you entered the Earth fantasy; an agreement that shall become evident, as time goes by, Dear Hearts.

Do not expect immediate recovery. No, Dear Ones, this is not to be the case. Recovery will (in most cases) be a slow and sometimes laborious advent. Indeed it will. However, Dear Ones, know that indeed recovery shall be yours.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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  1. Health should always be a priority in anybody’s life but from my family, I have also learnt that willpower is one of the main ingredients to come over any health issues. Thank you 🙏😇❤️

      1. I mean when you want your body to heal faster, and you have strong willpower it will get heal quickly. Your body will work hard on its own to help you recover—even if you do little to help the process along. Thousands of chemical and biological reactions occur throughout the day and night to help you to heal. when I was young my Mom got a spinal cord problem. Doctors told her not to get operated as it was risky and only 5% chances were to get healed, and she is able to walk. So my mom thought that if 5% chances are there, then she will get operated. My uncle who is doctor himself also asked her not to get operated. To our surprise, she asked for surgery, and today she was totally healed because of her willpower. Doctors give her credit for this willpower. It’s been twenty years now, and we appreciate her decision and her that she got healed. Similarly, my father got diabetes long back, but he takes so excellent care of himself and now doctors get surprised how his sugar levels are always excellent.

        1. So wonderful for your mother, Anjali; a strong woman indeed, and an inspiring life.. 🙂
          I understand what you mean, especially in regard to your father’s diabetes. Eating the right foods has been proven to have an enormous beneficial effect upon this disease; as, I’m sure, there will be many illnesses, such as this one, where having the determination to live a healthy life will prove successful. So yes, I appreciate what you have said in regard a ‘strong will’.
          You certainly come from ‘strong stock’; as the saying goes! 😊 💖 👍

  2. Hi Carolyn, I have been planning to come to meet you on your blog but life is always on the way. Finally, I thought should go and pay you a visit as Vannesa has said, so nice words about you. I like your writing style. It’s very unique and different. Looking forward to reading more. Stay blessed.

  3. Thank You, Bushra, and welcome! 🙂
    About my writing style: As a ‘medium’ (some call it channeling) – I call it allowing my friends in spirit, so to speak, to write through me.
    I, of course, bear responsibility for the words I publish. However, Bushra, my ability to write is not as good, nor as eloquent as the words I hear ‘clairaudiently’ from those I call The Collective Consciousness.
    Lovely to have you visit with me.. 🙂

    1. Hi Megala,
      I’m no longer ill; thank goodness… 🙂
      This was written during 2014 when I was suffering quite a serious illness. It began during 2013 and had my doctor, cardiologist and neurologists stumped. I spent eight months in bed, unable to rise, and a further almost two years recovering. It was quite an ordeal. I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to walk again; or dance!
      During this period the free books were transcribed. They are available for download should you be interested.
      So do not be concerned for me. I’m quite healthy and well… 🙂

      1. Yes, I’m aware of it, I’m sorry if my comment sounds like that.
        People usually blame it on the doctors, or treatments, but you have nicely put that recovery begins from within. It is really an eye-opening for me, thank you! 🙂

        1. My apologies, Megala… I thought I must have been mistaken; please forgive me. 🙂
          And Thank You for such a wonderful ‘second’ comment. I don’t feel so badly about misinterpreting your first comment – it induced (from You) yet another succinct appreciation of life as a human… ❤

  4. I adore the recounting of your illness, because you recovered from it.
    I know we all get flus, colds …like the one I have right now, aaaachooooo!
    It may seem odd to some to think we would not recover from such minor illness. Yet, some do die from flu.
    My point is; There is no such thing as a minor illness. Don’t just lay there, channel your healthy self!
    When you are not ill, channel your healthier self. 🧐

    1. Hahaaaa, Resa; channel your healthier self, indeed.
      I too am suffering from those ‘others’ (denizens of illness). I have a ‘tummy bug’ that has laid me low since Monday. Not too bad, but, has kept me ‘quiet’. And this, I am beginning to believe, is one reason why I have this little bug. 😷
      There has been a lot to ponder of late. By being still (ill) I have had the opportunity to hone in on something I, otherwise, may not have been able to; with such precision! I do also remember the flu I had some months past. On that occasion I also had much to ponder!
      Because The C.C. are not intervening in my writing (they will let me know if I’m on the wrong path) I would say this is validation in my thinking.
      Here’s hoping we both ‘recover’ real soon. 😎

  5. It’s really slow, the recovery 😊 but I (want to) believe in this message. I want to believe that the rainbow will become fully clear at some point. We really have to commit though… we have to tune into our call. Can’t wait to dive deep into the e-books 😘😘😘😘

    1. It IS really slow, my beautiful Vanessa; slow, slow, slow! There were times when I didn’t believe. During the last illness, which lasted two and one half years, I didn’t really believe until towards the end when I began to see and feel the changes – that was late 2015. Until then, it was a matter of having faith and plodding on.. eeeeekk! 🙂
      Working on releasing fear and past traumas, at that time, was paramount to my recovery..
      It was a little different for my beautiful daughter. Her hair, which was going grey (she’ll soon be 45) started returning to its natural colour. Working upon herself brought some immediate changes; I adore the little video she produced. She has a ‘little’ grey now, but hardly any at all. I’m so jealous. That’s one area that hasn’t changed for me!
      By the way: The C.C. recommend reading the Free Books firstly (and so do I); if you haven’t already…
      😍 😍 😍 😘

      1. Thank you dear Carolyn, I started reading them already, I’m half way through the first e-book 🥰 I was very curious and the messages are making a lot of sense. Thank you for your work and dedication 🤗 It’s very light, high vibrational energy. I have to check your beautiful daughter’s video too 💞 She looks so much like you! 😊 I got grey hair even before I was 15, so can’t wait to learn more about it. 😘😘😘 infinite hugs and love 😊🌺🌺

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