Veronica Ages Backwards


Veronica, my beautiful daughter (who is currently 43 years of age) has agreed to show a video, which she created of herself on April 2nd 2017. Her reason for creating the video (the latest of two videos) is because she is witnessing herself Aging Backwards and wishes to document the changes occurring. She also wishes to add her experience here for those who are interested in the phenomenon, which is Backwards Aging; a very personal experience due to the diligent work of ridding ourselves of fear.

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© 2017 Carolyn Page
ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Yes, Sweet Christy; I’m almost bursting with delight as I watch my beautiful daughter Backwards Aging!
      So lovely of you to make comment; perhaps, one day, we’ll be sharing footage of you…. ❤

  1. She looks great!!!!! ⭐ I take care of my face and lots of people believe I look younger. 😉 I am saying this in a humble way of course. I guess I am lucky. My mom is 65 and looks probably eight years younger. She only has a few wrinkles, just a few 😀
    I guess aging backwards has to do with an inner attitude too… This reminds me of Frank Sinatra´s great song. Young at heart- I´ll attach the link for you over here: Sending much love, dear Carolyn… HAppy week ahead! 🙂 ❤

    1. Aquileana 🙂 I’ve been watching Veronica Backwards Aging over the past few months, and was so pleased when she sent me the latest video and was willing, now, to share her journey!
      Yes, it is the case that some of us age less than others. The Collective Consciousness; though, have now advised that all Light Workers (please forgive my assumption that both you and your mother are Light Workers) are now guaranteed Backwards Aging when we willingly work to remove the negatives from within. That means, not only some of us will appear younger; we will, if we do the inner work, Backwards Age. (This is providing we have past our 27th year.)
      I’m looking forward to hearing more about yours, and your mother’s journey…
      Do forgive my bold stance with you; it’s just that I know you are to have a wonderful voice for good.. 🙂
      Thank You so much for your wonderful comment; Veronica will be so pleased! ❤

    1. Thank You, Elsie; that means a lot to me. 🙂
      Veronica has been an integral part of spiritual life since she was fifteen. She sat in on spiritual circles and meditation groups I facilitated. She, through me, spoke to spirit (so-called) and enjoyed many a conversation with them. She has been my confidant, friend, and so much more! These days she receives understandings of her own, and has become a wonderful woman I feel blessed to have in my life. It is such a joy to see her Backwards Aging! ❤

  2. We always can overcome our daily problems , but when it comes to our health and well being we should have faith not fear. wonderful video..Our daughter turned 46 in February.Best regards.

    1. “Our daughter turned 46 in February.”
      And I know you will be as proud of her as I am of Veronica!
      We are very fortunate, Jalal.
      Thank You for your visit; it’s always a delight.. 🙂

  3. OMG! Veronica is her mother’s image… I mean I see you in her, and her in you. What a marvelous pair the two of you are.
    It is even more wonderful to know that you are backwards aging, together.
    I’m working to completely rid myself of fear.
    I believe I look younger today than 5 years ago when my mother died. At that time I looked older than my years. It was the fear of loosing her, and fear of all death. I got so weak, I contracted pneumonia. I think I was overly rapidly forward aging.
    So, now the angst is much reduced, and I know I look better. I feel great, and am very healthy.
    Still, certain nights find me awake.

    1. Yes Resa, ’tis true; we are very similar indeed. I love her dearly! And yes, we’ve been watching each other changing for quite a few months now.
      The C.C. have advised there are others backwards aging and I know you are one of them. You may feel doubtful, at times; but when you are ready I hope you will agree to share a video here on ABC of Spirit Talk. ❤

  4. I just say “wow”! Wonderful to see Veronica and to learn she is also walking the path with you, Carolyn. Encouraging ❤ XXX

    1. Indeed, Helen; encouraging it is. If we can do this, we all can do this.
      I’m waiting to hear; I know I will. No time frame! No expectations; but, it ‘will’ happen! ❤

  5. When my mum was busy with her job (doctor and loves it) she looked really young. I suppose it was the joy of doing what your passion is. She was active and healthy. People would always mistake her for my sister! Ever since she retired I’ve seen her body grow old in a single year she went from looking 40 to 60+ I can’t believe how that escalated in 12 months when she had to stay home after retirement.
    Veronica looks lovely there’s a glow about her skin that I’m really intrigued with! I think that only comes from the inside.

    1. Hi, and welcome… 🙂
      Positivity certainly assists the body to glow; your mother must have loved her work. However, we are talking about ‘Backwards Aging’ where the body actually ages backwards. This is what Veronica is experiencing; something which we all can do. I hope you join us over 2017. I will be adding a new video each end of month, which I hope will prove the validity of the Backwards Aging that I am experiencing; and Veronica will add a video as she is inspired. It is a surprising concept with which to come to terms.
      Perhaps, if you are at all interested, our free books
      offer the premise upon which this is based.
      As a consciousness all things are possible… 🙂

  6. WOW! She’s beautiful, Carolyn, but I have to say like mother like daughter 🙂 Granny can’t wait to get rid of her flubby arms…she’s working hard on them lately…mentally and it already works too. YEEHAW! Double Pawkiss for each one of you 🙂 ❤ ❤

  7. YEEHAW! 🙂
    My little heart sings, Binky. I know that Granny is special, just like you.
    One day, I’m hoping Granny will share her triumphs here on ABC of Spirit Talk… with a picture or a video…. Now that will be very special indeed. ❤

    1. Vanessa, it IS inspiring for me too!
      I have really enjoyed having the relationship of togetherness with Veronica. She is a wonderful, light energy whose company is greatly treasured. 🙂

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