The Reward of Backwards Aging


(Listen while you read) 

Backwards Aging is a reward of the diligent work upon ridding oneself of the negatives. Do not fear; Backwards Aging will commence from the moment you are willing to resolve the inordinate amount of imperfections within. And what are imperfections?

As a perfected consciousness, anything that is not perfect is an imperfection. We shall explain:

You agreed to have a fantasy; a fantasy that includes imperfections. In order to achieve your goal there is a need to rid yourself of those imperfections. We shall list just a few of the imperfections that require your diligent effort to resolve.

  1. Fear. All imperfections are garnered around this one imperfection. That is, Dear Hearts; all imperfections begin with the negative vibration called fear. That is right, Dear Ones; all imperfections have their beginnings within fear.
  2. Fear. Yes, Dear Ones, that is right; there is no other imperfection.

Do you doubt this statement, Dear Heart? Our Carolyn smiles as she types; yes indeed. She knows the validity of which we speak. Indeed, it has been her life’s journey to, not only appreciate the value of this statement; it has also been the journey of life’s experience to teach her of the validity of the statement. Yes, there has been great fear in her life. Fear surrounding illness, rejection, loneliness; you get the drift! Indeed, anything that is not of a positive vibe is a negative.

We need not list more, Dear Ones; fear is always the instigator, and fear is the only imperfection. Once removed, the energies of calm, contentment, and a vigour for life results.

Yes, Dear Ones; Backwards Aging commences the moment your intention is geared, wholeheartedly, toward releasing fear.

We wish you well in your endeavours, Dear Ones; and look forward to your progress.

© 2017  Carolyn Page  & The Collective Consciousness

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    1. Thank You, Anita. It was a surprising concept to me when it was first introduced. The more I thought about it, the more I came to appreciate its validity. Fear is our only imperfection. As I’ve worked with this understanding, I’ve been able to get to the heart of many of life’s frustrations, angers; in fact, all negative feelings. They have their base within fear. Asking for a better view,
      and having the intention of ridding myself of the base fear works wonders. 🙂

    1. Yes, Helen, it is now a known reality!
      When now I have any negative feeling I’m finding myself quickly looking for the fear that caused it. Objectivity has become my greatest friend as I refuse to be ruled by any fear. It is amazing me how quickly I’ve adopted this new practice, and am definitely enjoying the results… ❤

  1. We totally agree, dear Carolyn and we are still working to get the fear out of our system. Isn’t to hard when it becomes an illusion, right 😉 Fearless Pawkisses for the good work 🙂 ❤

    1. Right…! Yes, dear Binky and Granny… You got it in one!
      Just an experience is all…. just an experience that seems soooooo real; and yet! 😉 😉

      Loving those Pawkisses, and sending lots of Hugs and Kisses
      ❤ xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. “All imperfections begin with the negative vibration called fear”.: I couldn´t agree more… Taking it further, I´d say fear is both cause and effect of those those called “imperfections”. We fear rejection, for instance. And from that moment we take our flaws as imperfections. We do so in a state of fear. From the moment on we embrace ourselves as a whole, we are ready to take those imperfections as part of us…. And we can work on them, if possible.
    It is true that a state of Youth entails perfection. (Even Shakespeare speaks of that in his sonnet “Shall I compare thee to a summer day?”). I can see why you are pointing out in that direction, my friend. Let´s start from the very beginning! 😀
    Love & best wishes to you!. Happy week ahead! 😉

    1. Yes, Aquileana, I can only agree.
      Your grasp is especially secure, bold and erect. I look forward to your ongoing thoughts and changes. The day will come when you write about this from your own experiences! A grand day, indeed.
      Much love to you, dear one. 🙂

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