Boredom Circumnavigated

Our Dearest has a problem; indeed she has. It reflects a level of consciousness we all suffer, Dear Ones:

Yes, Dear Brave Hearts, boredom is the known antigen we all must suffer, at times. And what can we do when boredom presents?

There is little that can be done, per se, Dear Ones. The answer lies in understanding why boredom has presented. When this is known, a course of action will become available. And this our dearest requires this day.

Firstly:  There is the need to appreciate why boredom has presented, dearest. Could it be the ‘challenge’ no longer applies in this scenario?

Aha, Dear Hearts, our dearest nods agreement.

And now, dearest, you will be asking for a course of action. Will you not?

Once again, Dear Ones, our dearest nods agreement.


Our dearest is in the process of understanding the opportunities this knowledge will produce. As we have said, dearest:

Once the understanding of the cause of boredom is known, opportunities to circumnavigate said boredom will become available.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk

Another ‘thought bubble’ from Pixabay


  1. I think I struggle with boredom too. Even when there are things to be done, sometimes boredom remains and then nothing gets done… I like the idea around the presence / absence of challenge. Maybe we just need to make things a little bit more challenging… Going to think about it too 🤔🤗😘😘😘😘😘

    1. Hahaaaa… I wrote/transcribed this post a few days past, my beautiful Vanessa, and now have the luxury of hindsight.
      My greatest hobby/love is dancing. However, I suddenly became (was given) the energy of boredom in regard to a particular aspect of it.
      Confusion reigned, as it always does when ‘something’ is not clear. What did this mean? Was I to not dance again? What would I do if I didn’t have dance? Help! You know the kind of thing that happens to a helpless mind!!! 🙂
      Long story short – We have been to our second Latin (and Standard Ballroom) technique class – in Sydney – a two and a half hour drive! Are we crazy? Probably; but, I am no longer bored.. 🙂
      What a challenge this presents… And that is what I needed to appreciate.
      Without challenges I/we stagnate. Moving forward may indeed be difficult, but, oh my, the joy of overcoming ourselves is indeed so sweet… 😘 😘 😘
      😎 😎 😎

  2. Think you hit the nail on the head there Carolyn, I rarely get bored, probably because I am apparently a ‘Completer/people pleaser’ But as I was told when I was a teenager all you need to be happy is (Yorkshire accent) “All tha needs is som’at t’love – som’at t’do and som’at t’look forrad to” 😂😂

    1. I luv your Yorkshire accent – I was there, again, in that beautiful piece of Earth. I do hope I will return one day; I have such wonderful memories! Ahhhh… 🙂
      Yes; I agree, Charlie. Whoever told you that sure knew a thing or two about life!
      And that was my dilemma. I needed som’at t’look forrad to.
      😂 😂
      And I found it. A two and half hour drive (half of it through crazy traffic in Sydney) to a Latin and Standard Ballroom technique class with a fabulous teacher.
      Are we crazy? Am I surprised?
      But, I’m no longer bored and I have som’at t’love, som’at t’do and som’at t’look forrad to.
      😎 😜 😇

      1. Sir Tom Hickinbotham by Elliott & Fry, 7 December 1960, © National Portrait Gallery x82837
        Right: Detail from ‘Rough Sketch Chart of Kuweit, Fao, M’gussa and Surrounding Country’, IOR/R/15/1/475, f. 82

  3. Boredom happens, but not often. Art motivates me, mercilessly! After doing Art Gowns projects or walking and photographing street art, there’s no time left to be bored.
    Perhaps you should expand your love of dance.
    So, you can go dancing, or you can go watch dancing at a theatre in say, a musical. You could sketch or paint dancers (even in the abstract) or write a story about a dancer and her adventures. Get some water paints and paper. Put some fave dance music on. Put your fingers in the paint. Now dance to the music with your fingers on the paper! xoxo 😀

    1. Hahahaaaa… Resa, you must have been writing this whilst I was replying to the previous comments.
      You are indeed psychic! We have indeed expanded our dancing. We arrived home last night at midnight from our second Latin and Standard Ballroom technique class in Sydney.
      If I’d been told I would be driving to Sydney (two and a half hours) to go to a dance lesson I would not have believed it. And yet that is exactly what I’ve needed:
      A challenge in every aspect. 😀
      I am suddenly ‘alive’ again – enjoying, with others, the love of dance! 😀

  4. An interesting one, because I don’t really find myself bored per se, just restless when I feel there’s nothing my brain or body will function well enough to do (like I’d like to write or be creative, but my brain isn’t playing ball!) I think then the reasoning behind the sense of boredom is needing to switch off and rest. Maybe lack of motivation, too much going on in my brain to focus on doing something or knowing what to do that’s pleasant rather than a necessity. An interesting post because you’re right about needing to know the cause of it first! xx

  5. That’s a hard one, Caz. I remember, when I’ve been quite ill, lacking energy, etc.; feeling as you’ve described. There was really no sane alternative but to allow the mind to be still and succumb to whatever the prevailing course prescribed.
    There’s much to be said for the personal growth such events make possible. Illness has taught me much by way of self control and command, over the years. Perhaps it’s been a little ‘forced’ self awareness; yet, at the same time, self awareness has been the result.
    I liked this post, Caz, as it, and others of its kind are teaching me to query my thoughts and feelings with a view to a solution; and sooner rather than later. I believe there is always a reason, and a solution that will benefit me; if I take the time to look for it.
    I do love your comments. They make me ‘think’..

  6. 100% agree, Carolyn! Boredom for me usually comes from their being an absence of challenge. But recently I have been trying to embrace doing nothing and even ‘boredom’ every so often (crazy I know!) as it helps me to truly appreciate when I am motivated and productive. I think that experiencing both of these polarities is important for healthy mind and life!

    1. You’ve touched upon yet another area of self government, Dan, that of being capable of ‘stillness’. Yes, I most certainly agree; this is the opposite of movement and, to my way of thinking, is equally important to the overall health.
      Boredom, I believe, is born when the mind vacillates between these two polarities; it is neither active, nor is it still. It is in a state of flux.
      Depending upon that which is available as a productive alternative, either movement or stillness will, in itself, determine the outcome.
      However, without the skill involved (in particular that of stillness) this state of flux creates the negative energies we all experience.
      Once both polarities are recognised and in one’s command, the negatives then fall away in equal measure to our understanding.
      An on-going spiral, I believe, Dan; one that rises without end as we make clear our intention to be continually accepting challenge upon challenge; but, not without its opposite, and balancing challenge of stillness alongside.

      1. You continue to blow my mind with your knowledge, insights and responses. I had never even contemplated thinking about boredom like that until now – not just ‘nothingness’ but also an accompanied restlessness for the feeling to be satisfied. Thank you as always!

  7. Charlee: “We get bored too sometimes.”
    Chaplin: “Then we start getting into mischief.”
    Charlee: “And then Mama or Dada will get out a toy for us to chase or play with.”
    Chaplin: “We have them pretty well trained.”

    1. Hahaaa Yes, I’ve seen you chasing toys, Charlee. And little Pebble (beautiful Papillon Puppy-Dog) is a wonderful teacher, too!
      Every morning I am greeted by three Puppy-Dogs. Beau and Sweetie want pats and loving, which is always on offer, of course. However, Pebble, whose fave toy is a little squeaky green frog, alerts me that little green frog needs some ‘air’ time! Throw after throw, squeak after squeak (until she is worn out) is the order of the morning; and any other time, too! 🙂
      Oh yes, bored little furry friends are ‘born’ teachers! 🙂

    1. Yes, Megala, the awareness of the cause of boredom, which, as you say, varies from one time to another; allows us to be more objective about the state of boredom. This can then lead us to circumnavigating it with a solution. Without this awareness we are literally ‘stuck’ in boredom.. A horrible place to be!
      Lovely, as always, to see you… 🙂

  8. I always circumvent boredom mostly by sleeping and sometimes when I see Granny is bored, I walk in and out, so she has to play porter for me, that’s quite some action, I can tell…so I help her to circumnavigate boredom…MOL 😀 Thanks for the inside about boredom, Carolyn and thank you so much for coming to my Pawty. Hope you had a lot of fun, just like me 😀 Extra Pawkisses for a wonderful day🐾😽💞

  9. I was telling Charlee and Chaplin (The Hipster Kitties) 🔺 about my little Pebble (Puppy-Dog) and her fave toy; green frog. She has trained me to throw little green frog over and over again as she retrieves it over and over again, until she is completely wasted and needs a rest. Phew! You little furry friends sure know how to circumnavigate boredom; for sure.
    I did… I had a lot of fun at your Pawty… Three cheers for you and Granny and Grandpaw!
    Hip, Hip, Hooray – times three! 😁 😁 😁

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