Patience, Else Frustration

Once we have sufficient desire we shall need to have patience; yes, patience. Rome was not built in a day, and neither will you be, Dear Brave Heart. By this we mean:

Patience will be the safeguard needed to prevent frustration. Yes, Dear Ones; frustration will be yours over and over again as you fail to be free. Our dearest remembers this well. Do you not, Dearest?

Yes, I do remember this well.

Pray tell, Dearest.

I remember many emotions in those early days. Frustration was one that topped the list, so called. I tried ever so hard not to fear. But, fear won out more times than it did not.

And what, pray tell, Dearest, did you do?

I didn’t give up! I kept trying.

What did you do?

I would use little verses, like the one we wrote in our free book –

‘In the Beginning’

Remain Calm.

Do remain calm in whatever you do;

A little good can come of the energy it woos.

A little tender loving, a little bit of jest.

It’s amazing how it makes everything its best.

We have a little rhyme for you. We hope you listen, dear.

For it shall save you from the rest; you know; grief and fear.

So know that calm will see you through in everything you do.

A blessing; not a curse is what we give to you.


This little verse helped me to remain calm when I was filled with horrific fears during a time of illness.

We remember this time, Dearest. You were bedridden for some months. Yes?

Yes, I was. The negativity/fear I experienced during that time was almost unbearable. However, I had, during the past many years, garnered sufficient ground in the releasement of many fears to, at least, have those experiences to fall back upon.

They, those years of practicing to overcome fear held you in good stead, Dearest?

Yes, indeed they did. And I needed all the bolstering I could get; such were the negatives, the doubts, the worries, the fear associated with my health.

You survived, Dearest.

Yes, I did. I survived, and just as you said I would; I exited from that period stronger and more determined.

More determined, Dearest?

Yes, more determined to never allow fear to have that command over me ever again.

And have you, Dearest?

I believe I have not allowed fear that command.

There is more, Dearest?

Yes. I know that during that time I began to have a greater appreciation for the strength of fear.

By that you mean?

I mean I began to truly appreciate that without the will to fight this insidious foe, success cannot be ours.

You are saying, Dearest, that desire and acceptance are the  first steps to overcoming fear.

Yes, definitely. And then comes the need to maintain this standpoint. In my experience, the moment I determined I was in the fight of my life, the fears that had been hidden began to surface. This is when the greatest work began. It seemed that little fears sprang up all around me in everything I did. I was astounded by the number of fears I had.

This could be a cause for frustration, Dearest.

Yes, indeed ’tis true; and was. And this is when patience with myself truly was needed. Without this patience I would have been quite swamped, to be sure.

Many Blessings, Dearest.  Many Blessings to All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Extra helpings of hugs going your way, Rebecca!
      Yes, indeed; patience was definitely my achilles heel as a youngster and into adulthood.
      The saying ‘necessity the mother of invention’ certainly played a part in my life. Particularly when it came to the concept of ‘patience’..

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