9. Desire and Acceptance the First Step

The Value of Being the Best That One Can Be

Dear Hearts, requires many things complimenting each other. One of those things is: Freedom From Fear.

We do not expect you to have complete freedom from fear. No, this, at this moment in time (so-called) is not possible. However, were you to practice having the desire to be free of fear, this is indeed what you shall have.

For this is the beginning of freedom from fear. This is right, Dear Hearts. If it is to be free of fear that you desire, the first step is to muster as much desire as you can. Only then, Dear Heart, will you be successful.

That is right, Dear One. Firstly, you must desire this freedom with all the desire you can muster. We repeat ourselves so that you will begin the process of acceptance; acceptance that only with the greatest desire that you can muster to be free of fear, will you be free of fear.

Step one in the process, Dear Hearts. There are many more.

Many Blessings to All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. This post (like so many of your posts) rings ever so true with me. I thank you.

    Was over ten years ago, when I hated life and was just waiting to die. Then, for whatever reason(s), I consciously chose to begin eliminating the fear, stress and drama from my world. I gave up my act of “worry”. I started loving me, for the first time.

    It was quite a process and well worth my efforts. Today, I am ever so grateful that I took those steps, for my heart is lighter and filled with joy. I now love life and it feels great!!

    1. Ren, it is ever so lovely to meet you; your comment has touched my heart deeply; I relate profoundly! “I started loving me” rings so true, as does your entire comment.

      As I’ve written – It is a joy to meet you.

      1. Thank you, Carolyn, for the warm welcome and I am elated to bring you joy. I have read your posts for some time now and it is also a joy for me to finally meet you.

        1. Big smiles, Ren!
          This journey we are upon will continue to challenge us in ways that always surprise me. It’s lovely to know that we are not alone. Connections that we make with like minds is indeed a joy.

  2. I love listening to your voice as I read your blog. An excellent reflection, Carolyn, especially during a time of great uncertainty. Many thanks and hugs!

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