8. The Value of Being the Best That One Can Be

Have you been physically active of late, dearest? By this we mean: Have you been given the ‘go ahead’ to be somewhat more physically active? Yes?

Yes, I have been a little more physically active of late. And I have been enjoying myself tremendously.

And, pray tell, dearest, what have you been doing?

I have been dancing.

And what type of dancing have you been engaged in, dearest?

I have been learning the Cha Cha Cha.

Aha, dearest, we do recall suggesting that the Latin style of dance would become that which would be given to you to do. Yes?

Yes, I do remember being advised of that. However, the covid-19 virus has put a stop to our social dancing and our lessons. Before that Keith’s knee injury prevented us from practising our ballroom dancing in general.

Indeed so, dearest, we appreciate your tale. It has been some time since you and our Dear Heart Keith stepped upon a dance floor. Yes?

Yes, this is true. We haven’t stepped upon a dance floor since last year.

And you are missing this?

Yes, I am missing this; though this past week has been delightful learning the Cha Cha Cha technique.

This does not come easily, dearest?

No, I dare say I’ll need to put a lot of work into the practice sessions to attain the degree of satisfaction of doing it well.

You are a perfectionist, dearest?

I hope not, though, I do like to do my best at whatever I attempt to do.

Well said, dearest, well said. It is not perfectionism we seek in our lives. Is this true, dearest?

Yes, I believe it to be true. I know I will not attain perfection of the dance, so to speak. I do, however, seek to know that I have done the best I can.

And why is this, dearest?

There is a sense of order and stability in this type of thinking. On the one hand I enjoy the effort and the results of my work. On the other I know there is a degree or a level of attainment for each of us. This may mean that I may achieve 50% of a known achievable position; whereas my friend’s achievable rate may be 90%.

Were I not to have achieved my achievable value due to not putting in the effort required I would certainly feel disappointed in myself.

And can you say, dearest, that you have been disappointed thus far?

No, I cannot say I am disappointed in myself because I, in general, do my best in all things.

This is true, dearest, this is true. And this is a value that all can aspire, dearest; the value of being the best that one can be. Or, achieving the level of attainment chosen as one’s known achievable value before entering The Fantasy: A value that once known accommodates all.

Many Blessings, dearest

Many Blessings to All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk

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  1. I am happy for you that you are enjoying Cha cha form of dancing. I know you love perfection. But enjoying dancing is important. I am glad that you are giving full effort, enjoy and Take care. 🤗♥️💃

  2. Lovely to see you, Dear Anjali..🌹😊❤️
    I am having such fun; I absolutely love to dance!

    I was inspired, a few days past, to go to YouTube. There I found the most amazing teachers showcasing their incredible talent – I feel so blessed. Since then I’ve been given the energy to Cha Cha around the house.. Hahah…

    Keith is still protecting his knee so he is not dancing. He is off to the specialist this coming Thursday. Hopefully, he’ll get some good news! 🤞

      1. Yes, it is, Anjali… 🙂
        There are two forms – International style, which is danced on straight legs (as it is called). It is quite dramatic with fabulous arm lines accentuating the dance.
        The American style, which is danced to slightly faster music with bent knees uses a more free flowing style with emphasis on greater use of the hips. The music for both is slightly different with accents on different beats.
        The International style of music is more common here in Australia, and it is the accepted style for competition dance here as well. It is slightly more ‘technical’, which suits me just fine. And yes, It will take some time before it becomes a natural rhythm for me, I’m sure.
        But, Anjali, I am enjoying myself tremendously. Especially because it is a dance style I can practise here at home.
        😎 😁

    1. Hahah… Yes, Michael, this is definitely my greatest form of exercise. It’s exercising without the thought of exercise! Such fun!
      And ‘fun’ definitely keeps us young(er).

  3. All we can ever do is our best and our best is good enough. Learning and really accepting that isn’t always easy, but otherwise we’ll feel forever frustrated and disappointed with ourselves. I love your attitude, Carolyn! Enjoy the Cha Cha Cha 😄 xx

    1. “Learning and really accepting that isn’t always easy.”
      How very true, Caz! And when we do it is then we get to truly enjoy whatever our level of achievement is.

      And I love your attitude, Caz. You make my little heart sing… 🙂 🙂

    1. And I can see you. Woo… you are lookin’ good. 🙂

      Lots of Hugs being sent your way, Rebecca. I’d love to truly dance with you one day. Hopefully, that’s in the cards… 🙂

  4. Yes, you can only fail when you stop trying. I bet your Cha Cha is a little more complicated than the one I learnt before lockdown 😂 So glad you are able to dance again 😍

    1. Yes, Charlie; well said…
      As is written in the post, my achievable rate may be drastically below someone else’s achievable rate. However, as you’ve said – Failure only comes when you stop trying! And I am a ‘real’ tryer!

      I’ve never been competitive even though K and I have competed, for me it was always the love of the dance that got me on the comp floor. Plus the fact that I was compelled to ‘show off’ as much as possible – something frowned upon on the social floor. So yes, I loved competing for so many reasons, the least of which was the actual competition; if that makes sense!

      Hahah… I can see you Cha Cha Cha-ing up a storm. Are you still having lessons? 🙂
      Edited: Oh Charlie; that was a silly question. Of course, Covid-19 has put a stop to that! Silly me!

    1. Hahah… Dancing is one thing I can do somewhat okay; and I love it too! I’ll never be a ‘world beater’ (as my guidance say), but, I enjoy myself to the utmost on the dance floor. Probably something like your love of literature, words and writing.
      It’s wonderful when we find our niche in life; something fun and fulfilling. Naturally, my greatest love is doing the work with spirit, first and foremost. I know you will appreciate this feeling of enormous satisfaction!
      Lovely to meet you. I love your blog!

      1. Probably you are right. Finding your niche is an incredible feeling!

        You are a sweetheart! That is the kindest thing I’ve ever read! Lovely to meet you too! 🌸

  5. I did the Cha Cha in a class once and enjoyed it! As the search for perfectionism continues in many people, your post is a wonderful reminder that we cannot ever achieve it and instead simply must put in our effort and remember to have fun xx Thanks Carolyn for this one!

    1. I remember that time, I believe, Christy, when you’d taken up a dance class. It is such a joy learning new things; especially movement… well, at least for me, that is!
      And yes, it is so soothing to know that perfection (other than the perfection of freedom from fear) is not possible. And yet, with the understanding that we each have a level of attainment that we can reach for is a kind of perfection of a sort. I know I feel this way, for instance with dance. I know when I have reached my attainable level; and, in a sense this is my perfection. Perhaps there needs to be another word for that state of being! It becomes my individual state of perfection – or that other word that alludes me.
      Wonderful to see you here upon my page, Christy. It is always a delight..

  6. Dada is so right, Lulu; they are definitely dancing feet.
    Here in Oz many of the restrictions in my home state of NSW are being lifted. This may change any day depending upon the state of the virus, but for now our dance venues will be opening (with safe distancing principles in place) sometime this month! Woo… Maybe I’ll get to put some dancing shoes on. Not the ones in the image, of course. They belong to Pixabay!

    1. Yes, Thank You, I am keeping well and safe! I do hope the same for you…
      Today I got the opportunity to drive to a shopping mall some distance away; our regular mall didn’t have the item I wanted. I was so elated to do this! It made me feel ‘alive’… Oh dear; life certainly has changed for us all. This same drive, some months past, would not have had the same ‘thrill’ that I received today!
      This made me appreciate how ‘isolating’ the past few months have been. Thank goodness for dance and my love for it; even if, for now, it’s only in my living room… 😍

      1. Hello Dear Carolyn glad you are well! Yes, isolation effects different outlooks of freedom for us . And how wonderful it is that yours was so appreciative. As for me, I cherish all that God presents to
        me. Everyday it is a new page for me to turn in His Book Of Life, I have never liked malls but these Summer gatherings with associates and neighbors have been blessed! Cheers!🌺💕🌺

    1. Hello, pleased to meet you!
      Yes, I do love to do an audio option for my readers. Truth is, I am inspired by my guidance (The Collective Consciousness) to do so. Sometimes, I believe, a simple nuance within speech can be far more instructional than the written word.
      Pleased you enjoyed; and welcome! 🙂

  7. Glad that you’ve taken up dancing and are enjoying it. Thanks and much appreciated for sharing

    1. Hello, happy to meet you!
      Dance is such a wonderful pastime. My man, Keith and I have been dancing for a few years now and we absolutely love it. Keith has a knee injury at the moment, so the isolation of the past few months has meant a ‘forced’ rest for him – which has probably been the best that could happen. Were it not for this I’m sure he would be trying to dance and probably making his knee worse. Hahah..
      I dropped by your blog. I love the eclectic nature of it. Always a surprise, no doubt! 🙂

  8. Hi Carolyn, wish a speedy recovery for your man, Keith. I hope to see a new post with the two of you involved and enjoying to the hilt. Much appreciated for your words of encouragement for my blog. Thanks

    1. Charlie, I’m loving it. And what do you mean ‘sensible goals’? Heck, who wants to be sensible? Hahah…. 😜

      And you are so right. I can’t seem to be anything else other than the best I can be – in anything!!! Secretly, though, Charlie; I love this aspect of life – it keeps me interested and moving forward. I know I’d be a basket case, otherwise!

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