War Mongering – A Challenge to be Met Openly, Honestly and Without Fear

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Our dearest has a problem; one that has been overwhelming her of late. This problem will be one that shall cause angst for many Light Workers; yes indeed.

The problem arises because many Light Workers involve themselves in the day to day lives of the world. That is right, Dear Ones. Many Light Workers see the ‘big picture’. And what does the big picture entail? It entails disorder and destruction, not only for many species of animals, etc., upon Earth, but also, Dear Ones, for man.

We cannot achieve anything without a ripple effect; this is a universal law, Dear Hearts. We cannot achieve a single act without that single act having repercussions upon the whole. And this, Dear Ones, can be seen worldwide. Yes, the repercussions of actions are becoming quite visible for those with eyes to see.

However, and this is the point of this writing. We ask, Dear Hearts, that you hold the emotional body in check. This we have asked of our dearest this day. Hold to the spiritual values that are your task for this life experience. Placing yourself, emotionally, in the hands of the warmongers is not your task; no Dear Hearts. Your task is to bring about perfection within. This cannot be achieved if you are involved in anger, distrust, violence and greed.

Our dearest asks for the solution.

The solution, dearest, is to know about the world and its troubles; yes this is correct. However, dearest; know and remain at ease, calm within the knowledge that war and destruction is inevitable.

A challenge to be met openly, honestly, and without fear.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. There is so much fear being experienced at this moment by those whose homes are besought by war. They flee in terror.
    CC, please explain this to me ….. again.
    It is extremely difficult to understand.

    1. Hello Resa, I’ve missed you the past few days… Hoping all is well..
      I will place here a link to a post that will, hopefully, give you insight into your question. Should more be needed, don’t hesitate to ask..
      On a personal level, Resa, when I come across the ‘terrors’ of the world I constantly remind myself of my agreement toward creating Love & Perfection within (a lack of fear). This I have had to do quite often over the past few days as I received your wonderful reflection referring to man’s abuse of nature and, as I’ve viewed news broadcasts and videos of man’s abuse of man.
      The C.C. have said that attaining the perfected state, whilst as a human, is not an easy thing to do, nor was it planned to be easy. Those of us who achieve this will indeed have worked extremely hard to be objective yet compassionate toward those who are here to achieve the circumvention of our innate negativity as souls/consciousness – perhaps some further reading of the free downloads will remind.
      Here for you – always… 🙂

          1. Did you happen to read your comment on the post https://abcofspiritalk.net/2017/08/05/a-second-question-answered/ and the response from The C.C? I thought this so important; especially the part that speaks of “without sensing their fear”.

            This is something that many Light Workers do because we are so sensitive to the moods/energies of others…. It can be a wonderful social barometre to have in our armory, but, it can also, until we have command of it, be a royal pain!

            This was something I had to learn: Command over this incredible insight. I needed to ‘ask for help’ to ‘ask for a better view’…. To be able to turn this ability on when it is needed, and to turn it off against those things that harm; brings the objectivity needed to remain calm, but, alert: The Light Workers salvation from ourselves!

  2. Fantastic post! I’m totally awestruck by your words of wisdom, “We cannot achieve anything without a ripple effect”, “Hold to the spiritual values that are your task for this life experience” and “A challenge to be met openly, honestly, and without fear”.
    Thanks a lot for sharing an insightful post.

    1. I love the fact that we can’t do anything without a ‘ripple’ effect, Megala. 🙂
      Normally, we humans see this as applying to the so-called bad things on Earth. It is so refreshing to know this also applies to the so-called good things on Earth. Nothing is lost, so to speak. Every little gesture of love; every good thought also has that same ripple effect. We are individually very powerful.
      Thank You for enjoying! This also remains forever a ripple effect.. 🙂

      1. So true, we are all really powerful, and I have been feeling the effects of all our thoughts, words & actions. This is what all the age-old religions teach us and the modern science also (Newton’s III law of motion) believes in.
        It is a pleasure reading your posts and sharing my thoughts here. 🙂 Thank you.

  3. It is difficult to understand, and impossible for me to accept, the suffering of innocent children, for example, in wars they had nothing to do with… But I have tried to do whatever little I can to help with those situations, indirectly through my work, for years now. And feel I will need to ponder about this message some more.

    1. You remind me so much of me, Helen. In the early days of receiving this information I was upset, angered, bewildered and down right disbelieving of many of the insights forthcoming. It took quite a while for many to sit comfortably (I believe it’s very visible in the second book, Changes).

      I believe my unfettered belief came with Backwards Aging (it – B.A. – couldn’t be possible if what The C.C. have said, and continue to say, is not true). Even though I have been the scribe, I have not been without my doubts; now, thankfully, acknowledged and resolved.

      I can only suggest to you that which I’ve suggested to Resa (above) and that which I have done. Read, read and reread… Once we have the appreciation of ourselves as a consciousness having a fantasy, the rest quietly finds itself becoming more tangible to our senses. Not an easy road, but, one that shall bring its own rewards in many ways.

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