Love & Perfection, Terror & Angst

LoveandPerfectionTerrorandAngstLove and Perfection, Terror and Angst  (Listen while you read)

What a beautiful day! The sun has risen, the birds are chirping; all is well with the world…

We all know this is a fantasy for many. The sun may have risen, the birds may be chirping. However, Dear Hearts, all is not well with the world. Do not fear this state; it is as it is meant to be.

Our dearest Carolyn has returned from a whirlwind romance with the world. She visited England, where she came into contact with joy and a newfound respect for terror. Indeed, Dear Ones, our dearest Carolyn found many Light Workers entangled in energies they have no part of. By this we mean, Dear Hearts:

The Light Workers of the World are having a singular experience; one that encompasses love and perfection.

We hope you have availed yourself of our free books, Dear Hearts; they tell all, so to speak, of the mission of the Light Worker. Our latest book Bringing of Light speaks, in depth, of the multitudes of consciousness, and their particular reasons for being within the fantasy of Earth. We hope you allow this information into your conscious reality; it will help you to fathom, in a simple way, your role and the roles of all.

Returning to our story, Dear Hearts:

We have, in previous writings, spoken of those here for the purpose of ridding themselves of negativity. As a Light Worker you have already achieved the perfected state, i.e., able to circumnavigate our core, which is based on negativity. We know and appreciate that for some these words will cause consternation. However, they be true, Dear Hearts. Once accepted the Light Worker is free to do that which he/she has come to achieve. And what is that?

Love and perfection is the goal of the Light Worker. This cannot be achieved until the truth is accepted. You are perfect, Dear Heart. As a consciousness, you are perfect. And how has this been achieved?

It has been achieved by your conscious appreciation of our core of negativity. Yes, Dear Ones; this sounds funny, we know. However, this is true. Once achieved, love and perfection become your watchword, as is the case for our dearest Carolyn and many reading the words of love offered within this writing.

You, Dear Heart, are one such individual. You have achieved perfection and are now here to stabilise this state into being. We suggest, Dear Heart, that you avoid, as much as possible, the angst, terror and negativity of the world. We are not suggesting a ‘head in the sand’ attitude; no, Dear Ones, this will never do.

What we are suggesting, Dear Ones, is to live your life bringing love and perfection to all you do, and leave those who are still perfecting themselves to their work. This will mean being objective to the terror, pain and misery of many. This does not mean being without compassion; no, Dear Ones. However, avoiding the unnecessary angst involved in overloading yourself with the misery of the world will effect the change you have come to achieve. Maintaining your joy and love of life will evince the core long worked for, and will ripple out to many without your awareness or intent.

This is your work, dear Light Worker:  To be free of the negativity you see about you, without which many millions of consciousnesses cannot achieve perfection.

Carolyn & The Collective Consciousness

©2017  Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. How very kind of you, dear Carolyn, to offer your books for free.
    To be sure, many suffering souls who are seeking comfort and wisdom will benefit, and they in turn, will pass on the light to others.

  2. Love is an utmost for me! I have only confident positive energy here. Perfection, however, seems an escape artist, a Houdini of sorts.
    Perhaps I am over applying the word perfection. Could it be I m applying it too, much to me?
    I’m thrilled you had a fab world adventure! I am also quite happy….. content … that you are back at home. ❤ xoxoxo

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