Are You a Light Worker?

Are You a Light Worker? (Listen while you read)

We are writing this because we feel many do not appreciate what a Light Worker is.

Firstly: A Light Worker is one who feels an enormous pull toward right. That is, Dear Hearts; doing that which is right.

This applies, not only to their own world and perspectives; but also to the world in general. You see, Dear Ones; the Light Worker has a mission. This can only be achieved by those who fear the worst being done. Sounds confusing? Yes, it is a little confusing. However, Dear Hearts, be that as it may we can only speak truth; even when confusion reigns.

Our dearest, Carolyn, has great insight into the hearts and minds of Light Workers. Hers has been a tale of a Light Worker constrained ad infinitum. By this we mean, Dear Hearts; Carolyn has not been able to achieve very much by way of her mission until now.

Yes, Dear Hearts; now is the season for our dearest to respond to the undertaking she agreed upon before embarking upon the Earth Fantasy.

And this we say to you, Dear Light Worker:

Your quest, for many, will have its beginnings now. You may feel overwhelmed; you may feel undeserving of such a title. However, no matter your internal conversation you will not be able to refuse the promptings of your soul. Be it now; or be it in some future time your soul will begin its work. And what is your soul’s work?

This is an easy question to answer, Dear Ones. Your soul’s work is to enlist your help. Indeed this is true, Dear Ones. Your soul’s intent is to assist you in your quest of perfecting yourself.

As a Light Worker your consciousness, or soul, is perfect. However, Dear Heart, to bring peace and calm to the Earth Fantasy there is a need for the Light Workers of the World to attain perfection. And what is perfection?

That is right, dear friends; perfection is a state of being devoid of fear.

Many now are understanding. It is not a matter of perfecting the world. It is a matter of perfecting one’s self. As in spirit, so in human form.

We would delight in you reading our free books (below) in which is given our beginning, our middle and our agreed upon end for the Earth Fantasy. This information will awaken the truth within you. This may take some time, or, for some, will be an instant appreciation of their mission.

Many Blessings, Dear Hearts

Welcome to our series of Free Books.

ABC of Spirit Talk 1. In The Beginning

3in1 160x240completeWe are pleased to announce the first of many books detailing our lives as consciousnesses.

Yes, Dear Ones, read on for the beginning of our tale.

We hope you find yourself within its pages.

ABC of Spirit Talk 2. We Who Have Nothing

WeWhoHaveNothing160x240ThesecondWhere shall we begin, dearest? Shall we begin by telling our readers a little about ourselves? Indeed, we believe this is a fine place to start. For those who have not read our first book, In The Beginning, we shall speak briefly of ourselves. Indeed we shall, dear hearts.

We are consciousness, Dear Hearts. That’s right. We are a consciousness. We, and you, and all you see, Dear Ones, are a consciousness, to be sure.

ABC of Spirit Talk 3. Our Time Has Come

ABC160x240ourtimehascomeGreenBorder1Our time has come for yet another book, dearest, indeed. And what shall we talk about? Ah, yes; we can talk about our lives as (so-called) spirit. Yes?

Yes, I’m sure our readers would enjoy that.

And you, Dear Heart; would you enjoy talking about our lives as consciousnesses?

I would indeed. Yes, I’d love that topic to be discussed.

Indeed, dearest. On we go:


Carolyn & The Collective Consciousness

©2017  Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. It’s always such an exquisite experience to listen to your wonderful and loving voice, dear Carolyn! Thank you for your message of light and love that you share with us! I’m sending you Love and Blessings! xoxoxo

    1. You make me blush, Mihaela… Thank You so much, my dear sweet soul… 🙂
      Sending in return energies of strength; we suspect for you the days are long, dear Mihaela. The sun will shine soon!
      Much love to you

      1. Thank you, dear Carolyn, for your support and encouraging thoughts. Just as you felt, I really needed this and I am very grateful for everything! I feel the peace and confidence that your words and thoughts send me. I’m sending you lots of Love and Blessings! xoxoxo

  2. Great piece of writing, dear Carolyn and thank you for spreading the word. Granny remembered Steve Rother and his wife when she first heared about the Lightworkers almost 20 years ago. She was searching for anything that could bring peace into her life…no…in her heart…and then she found them and listened every week to them for a few years. Her English was more worse in those days then it is now, but she was able to follow the words and she found her way back to the path that she had lost for about 20 years, and the words that she didn’t understand in that time, integrated into her soul…again and she is finding her way back HOME… where she belongs. *to Granny: Does that make sense, Granny?* Granny told me just a piece of her story, because otherwise it would be to long and you could add another book to your books…MOL 😀 Life isn’t easy when you are a Lightworker, but the growths is definetely worth it…and you know what, my furriend, I reap the harvest out of it…MOL 😀 Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 ❤

    1. It does indeed make a lot of sense to me, Binky. And this is the main purpose of the Light Workers ~ to find their way back to themselves ~ which, by the way, is perfect… their/our consciousness is perfect. To bring this perfection to the World/Earth, there is a need for those of us who are Light Workers to address this within our humanness and allow our inherent perfection to shine!
      Just as you said ~ you reap the harvest of your work… as do I, my dear friend; as do I… ❤

  3. Being a Light Worker is not a big scary thing. I can hardly wait to be rid of all fear.
    I enjoyed your books, and shall continue on my path.
    I’m looking forward to another reflection or two!
    Much love to you, Carolyn! xoxoxo

    1. “I’m looking forward to another reflection or two!”
      Your wish is my command, dear Resa… 😉 😉
      Here’s one I prepared earlier….
      (Next post please)… 🙂

    1. Welcome, Cheryl… 🙂
      You’ve captured the text perfectly. No matter our beliefs or roles in this life we can and do affect change by changing ourselves. Being without fear leaves us free, not only to enjoy our own lives, but to give without intention; purely unconsciously. And like the ‘domino’ effect; all benefit, as you’ve so succinctly written.
      Lovely to meet you… 🙂

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