Coming Out Of The Closet

We advised our dearest, quite recently, that life would be taking a turn toward a more structured social life; this we did, Dear Ones. To this end we foresee our dearest having more time for the pleasantries of life.

Hers has been a life of duty until now. All social activity has been the scene by which she has been given the opportunity to develop and grow, so to speak; a deliberate and conscious knowing that, at a deeper level, has been known to our dearest.

We mentioned in this advice that our dearest would soon be subject to pleasantries for the sake of pleasantries; something quite foreign to her. Yes, we have kept our dearest quite separate from the norm, as stated, due to the work she has come to achieve.

We also stated, within the advice, that the work of ‘backwards aging’ is, to a great degree, a fait accompli. Yes, Dear Ones, it is now an obvious fact; our dearest, and her daughter, Veronica, can no longer deny.

This is also true for many with whom our dearest comes into contact; and this is the prime reason for this writing.

We have, in the main, prevented many from consciously accepting the truth of our dearest’s backward aging. Yes, Dear Hearts, we, in spirit, manipulate the mind of man in order for progress to be made. This answers many questions our dearest has had in regard to her changing appearance, and the lack of surprise by some.

However, we have allowed some to be conscious of the changes. One such individual is a dear and special friend of our dearest. For the past two years she has commented regarding the youthful changes she has witnessed upon our dearest’s face, in particular.

The time for honesty came very recently; our dearest was given the opportunity to speak openly, for the first time, in regards her backwards aging and her role as the example of Love and Perfection.

A great weight lifted off her shoulders, indeed. With this removal of weight came the realisation that this will become the norm, over time. Yes, our dearest will be speaking the truth of backwards aging to many within her social sphere; something she thought may never happen.

Our dearest is looking forward to ‘coming out of the closet’, so to speak. It has been a lonely life our dearest has led. She is now looking forward to speaking and living her truth.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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    1. Once, not so long ago, Resa, the prospect of speaking ‘my truth’ sent shivers of fear all over my body.
      The C.C. advised me, some time past, that speaking freely about my life’s work would be the case. However, as usual, The C.C. speak in terms of ‘soon’ quite liberally.. haha.. this could mean a year or more.
      In this case it has been a very good thing as ‘time’ has given me the opportunity to come to terms with what will be a vastly different life; one I’m now looking forward to – with no fear in sight.. 🙂
      I’ve now spoken freely to two individuals – freedom to be me is looking wonderfully liberating..
      Love You…. 🙂

    1. I have been aging backwards, Frank, for the past couple of years – literally aging backwards physically. This is the result of delving inward and releasing negatives/fears; something I’ve been doing for many years.
      I’ll place a link to one of my backward aging videos. I have, since this video, (November 2017) aged backwards a little more. I believe I am just a little older than you; I am 68. I know I will need to create another video soon, to document the changes.
      I won’t write more, at this stage; a little mouthful is really all that is needed to begin. Perhaps you may care to read this post. Rewards of Backwards Aging

    1. Hahaaaa… SD… 🙂
      I am so sorry to be late replying to your comment… I just found it in my Spam Folder.. Ugh.
      This has been happening to a few of my comments, too. They have been screened as Spam! I’m now realising I must check the Spam Folder more often…
      Thank You for your wonderful, funny, and very appropriate image… 🙂

    1. You are such a great light, Dear Binky; and I’m sure that Granny will follow your lead. It is such a treat not to have to ‘hide’ our light, anymore! I’m feeling positively wonderful about all these changes. It’s now our turn to shine… 😍 💕 😍

    1. Yes, Megala, it really is very liberating for me! 🙂
      It has only just begun, however, I now see myself being quite ‘open’ about my life with many. It certainly is going to be very different from times past; something I’m quietly excited about.. 🙂

    1. Lovely to see you, Christy.. 🙂
      Yes, it is like a weight lifted… I’m not fully there, yet, though I do feel so much more liberated. I’m losing the ‘fear’ the thought of being so open has unearthed; change always brings its own little challenges! 🙂
      However, Christy, speaking openly about my life and my work has begun. Hallelujah… 🙂

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