Q12. Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem (8) Those Close To Us Hurt Us More!

Our Dear Heart, Megala of Megala’s Kitchen has asked a question:

Earlier I was of the opinion that we have to be careful with strangers, but as I grow matured I find people hate, tease, punish others who are close to their hearts than anybody else. It seems relatives & friends do more harm than strangers, and I don’t see any logic here.

Why can’t they just get away from the person whom they don’t like? What could be the reason/psychology behind this attitude?

We have spoken in regard to this phenomenon, Dear Heart, in our Positive and Negative series. We shall place a link here: Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem.

To remind our readers:  Of the four billion Light Workers currently abiding in The Fantasy of Earth; two billion are Positive Workers of the Light, and two billion are Negative Workers of the Light.

A short synopsis, Dear Heart: A Positive and a Negative are required in order for progress to be made; the Negative works as the catalyst for the evolution of the Positive.

Our dearest allows us to use her experience with her partner of the Negative as an example.

Without a catalyst progress would not be possible. To this end our dearest’s life partner, Keith, a Light Worker of the Negative, acts as a catalyst for our dearest’s progression to perfection: A lack of Fear.

To this end, our dearest Keith, and all Light Workers of the Negative, are prompted by their soul, or consciousness, to perform dastardly acts. Do remember, Dear One, this is an agreed position all Light Workers of the Negative willingly place themselves within.

This is extremely difficult for the human brain to absorb, Dear One. However, all participants within The Fantasy have made a commitment to the evolution of The Earth Fantasy to one of Perfection. This can and will only be achieved by Light Workers of the Light, and their opponents, so to speak; the Light Workers of the Negative, working side by side.

Many Light Workers of the Negative regret their actions after the event, Dear Heart; they do not consciously know why they behave in such mean ways; no, Dear One. They regret, yet cannot control their meanness, no indeed.

You, Dear Heart, are a Light Worker of the Positive. Therefore, Dear One, you will find many Light Workers of the Negative behaving badly. Yes, indeed, Dear Heart, this you will.

As you bring the light of our words to your consciousness you will find yourself accepting the truth behind them. With this acceptance will come a ‘softening’ toward the aggressors. Yes, Dear One; you will find yourself agreeing to their plight.

In retrospect, Dear Heart, you will come to appreciate the truth of which we speak. You will understand that in order to ‘mature’, as you have spoken, the so-called ‘harm’ the Light Workers of the Negative emit has been the catalyst by which you have matured; maturity being a ‘lack of fear’.

Yes, Dear One, it has been ‘fear’ you have overcome and, by which you have evolved.

Our dearest would like us to mention that, as she has overcome the negative emissions from her partner of the negative, the negative emissions have decreased accordingly. And this, Dear Heart, allows the evolution to Love and Perfection to become a tangible quality for, not only The Light Worker of the Positive, but also for the partner; The Light Worker of the Negative.

Yes, indeed, Dear Heart; both parties reap the rewards of their efforts conjointly.

Continued… 9

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. I appreciate your analysis of human behavior. Both the positive and negative are within each of us – therefore, a constant battle engages within us .. and each of us make choices to serve as the dominant voice. I think of the Star Wars series … for others it may be Harry Porter … and there are others – but all of them about that battle within!

    1. Yes, Frank, I do agree that positive and negative is within us all, and we all have our own unique battle with these forces. However, it is not within this level of consciousness I am referring within this post.
      I am a spiritual medium working on behalf of The Collective Consciousness. The battle referred to here is the battle to bring The Earth experience to one free of the negatives we currently experience.
      Should you wish to have a greater understanding I suggest that you may care to read this post which gives a synopsis of our lives as consciousness.
      I appreciate this is quite a mouthful for the uninitiated; however, it is the best I can offer without giving too much by way of reading.
      I do appreciate your measured voice. To read my posts, without knowledge of my premise, must be quite puzzling.. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for taking your time off to answer my question. I really find your words “the Negative works as the catalyst for the evolution of the Positive” enlightening, thanks again.

  3. I have understood this dynamic dichotomy of the positive and negative since the Positive and Negative series began. It makes so much sense. According to my personal experiences, as time and negative issues go by and are dealt with, Love and Perfection set in. Yes, both sides are rewarded.

    1. We are rewarded in so many ways, Resa, as you know; a ‘loss of fear’ being, perhaps, the greatest. You are a wonderful example of this. It is such a pleasure to know you…

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