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Once again, Dear Hearts, we are opening our ‘Ask a Question Page’.

Yes, that is correct, Dear Hearts; we are asking you to ask a question on our ‘Ask a Question Page’.

(Should you wish to ask a question please go to our Ask a Question Page where you will find the directions for asking your question.

We look forward to hearing from you, Dear Ones..

Many Blessings

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  1. Oooh, schweet! May I just say thank you very much, and ask whether there’s anything in particular I might be aware of or be taking into account with regard to current changes in my pathway?

    Bring ghtest blessings on your good work!

    1. Indeed, Dear Heart, as you wish; we shall furnish you with an update upon your current status. Firstly, Dear One, we should like to inform you of your past. Yes?

      Your past, Dear Heart, is behind you. Yes, we appreciate this is a simple statement. However, and this is the point, Dear One. Until you allow the past to remain in the past, your present, and your future will remain stagnant; to one degree or another.

      Therefore, Dear Heart, may we make a suggestion? We shall endeavour to reach an agreement with you. We suggest, Dear One, that you make this opportunity our dear Carolyn offers one that will benefit not only yourself, Dear Heart, but all around you. We shall explain:

      Lingering doubts, regrets, angers, etc., cause weakness in the present. Once relinquished the individual is free to explore many avenues of learning experiences without the interference of limiting energies within.

      Simply put, Dear Heart: Your present and future possibilities will be eminently grander once free of the debilitating energies of old.

      We offer our services to you, Dear Heart; we anticipate much ‘soul searching’ as you allow the negatives of times past to be released.

      Many Blessings, Dear One

      1. Thank you.

        I have indeed earnestly inquired of a number of respected healers over the years regarding specifically this arena, and have been surprised to be assured, separately but uniformly, by every single one of them that I have been rewarded for many long years of study, meditation and service with a true and total balancing of past wounds and karmas, that I am dealing only with present energies, and that I am doing so on behalf of all yet enmeshed in the 3D grid as well as myself.

        Just to be thorough, I’ve spent the last year and more repeating this process in full, just for the sake of timely thoroughness.

        Unless there are specific doubts, regrets or angers of my own which you are picking up, I think it’s safe to say we can call the particular type of work you have recommended as complete as it is likely to be pre-ascension.

        1. “Unless there are specific doubts, regrets or angers of my own which you are picking up, I think it’s safe to say we can call the particular type of work you have recommended as complete as it is likely to be pre-ascension.”
          Thank goodness, Ana, those days are far behind me. I used to work as a Spiritual Counselor, now I’m more the ‘scribe’ part of the team, and I’m not receiving (clairaudiently) anything further to give. I suggest that you put The C.C.’s words somewhere on the back-burner. If there is something for you to contemplate, I’m sure it will come to you.. 🙂

          1. And thank you again, for reaching back!

            You may rest peacefully assured that, most especially in these steeply ascending days, I do keep those questions very close — more middle burner than back — and check in with them several times daily! I’ll use your encouragement as even more affirmation and energy to do so.

            Also I’d like to add that your communion has been accompanied by a beautiful burst of golden light in my being. Your lovely energy is very much treasured here. Thank you!

  2. Hi, Carolyn… I just dropped in, as iterated, to note my return to surfing (at least a bit of it….), and to say howdy. I’ll go over & ask a question, but, you know me…. it may not be the expected one…. *GRIN* Anywho, I’ll be by some times, & some times not…. but, especially wanted you to know…

    See ya, milady….

    gigoid, the dubious


    1. So good to see you gracing my page once again, Ned, my man. 🙂

      As for your question not being the ‘expected’ – I would be entirely disappointed if it was! You know this is part of your attraction; one never knows what surprises await…

      Oh, the tedium of the mundane.. 🙂

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