Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem (9) Becoming One

We will not be asking our dearest to offer comments for this post. No, Dear Ones, this post will be purely for the purpose of furthering the information provided in regard to the Positive and Negative Light Workers; their purpose and their ongoing goals.

Our dearest and our Dear Heart Keith are being kept within the bubble of ‘dance’ for now and for the foreseeable future. We continue to advise our dearest of ‘necessities’; however, in the main her thoughts are of dance and maintaining the freedom needed for the two to progress into the next phase of their development. The following article explains:


We brought to the attention of our dearest the next phase in the work of the Positive and Negative Light Workers working in tandem. Yes, Dear Hearts, this we did quite recently. And now, Dear Ones, we shall offer this same understanding to those of you who choose to read.

There will be many phases that the two working in tandem will experience. Suffice to say, Dear Hearts that the two, working in tandem, will be an ongoing exchange; one benefiting the other with their various degrees of mastery within many avenues of thought and practical knowledge.

Our dearest does not know to where we are leading; no indeed not. We shall explain, dearest:

Both parties have their unique characters; this is indeed true. As they, the Positive and Negative Light Workers overcome their individual shortcomings by their continual striving for excellence within themselves; there must be, by osmosis, so to speak, a passing of said progress one to the other. Our dearest is following our lead; however, is still wondering to where we may be heading. We shall explain further, dearest.

It is by continual striving that the ultimate is obtained. And what is the ultimate? This is quite a simple question with a simple answer:

Love and Perfection is obtained by the continued striving to be free of fear. Yes? Yes indeed ’tis true.

A constant striving for freedom from fear is the ultimate, and will bring our Light Workers working in tandem to the ultimate of Love and Perfection.

Needless to say, Dear Ones, this requires constant striving from both parties to obtain. One cannot reach the ultimate freedom from fear alone. No, Dear Hearts; it requires two working in tandem to achieve.

Our dearest is now following our lead, Dear Hearts. Yes indeed she is.

The advice given to our dearest recently was to the effect that she had overcome the negativity of her fellow Light Worker of the Negative. This heralded yet another phase in their development, which put an end to the need of her partner of the Negative, Keith, to be prompted by his soul to offer the negative energies for our dearest to overcome; this being a fait accompli; as you appreciate.

From that moment forward would come the next phase in their development, being:

The two working together as one.

Hence, in our Dear Heart Keith and our dearest Carolyn’s case – dance and all that this entails.

Yes, Dear Ones; they, our dear Keith and Carolyn will from this moment forward be as one. Their personalities will forge together, so to speak, and they will think and act as one. This will become evident, in our example of Keith and Carolyn, in their ongoing journey of competition dance.

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