Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem (10) Enjoyment & Learning Never Ending

We have another advice we wish to tell; indeed we do.

We have awoken our dearest from her slumber, as indeed we often do, Dear Ones, for the purpose of putting pen to paper; a quaint idea brought to mind by the gentleness of our dearest’s thoughts and ideals. We speak of a nature far removed from the turmoil of the day’s norm. By this we mean, Dear Hearts:

Our dearest mingles with gentle souls. They, in the main, are those who have high goals of sincerity and comradery coupled with a desire to extend themselves into the realms of furthering their already refined nature into yet more refinement. Our dearest and our Dear One Keith enjoy being in their company; feeling at ease with a mixture of at-one-ment and merriment.

This is to continue for some great time; being that which will find them completing the work they have both agreed to do. Yes, Dear Hearts, our dearest ones are finding themselves not only enjoying their new found freedom, but also looking forward to competing in the near future.

We speak, of course, of the dance. Yes indeed, with the greatest pleasure our dearest ones are coming to terms with their goal. And what is their goal? An easy question to answer. Their goal is a simple one:

Enjoyment and learning never ending; yes indeed.

Enjoyment coupled with learning that continues ad infinitum.

This is the goal of the Light Worker; a never ending enjoyment of life coupled with a never ending parade of at-one-ment with that which keeps the body, mind and spirit energised, interested, and with a constant vista of a perpetual source of data to enliven the soul and refresh the mind and body.

Our dearest does not, as yet, grasp the total concept of that which lies before her; this will become more and more evident as time goes by, so to speak. However, we can advise our dearest, as we advise all who attain the level of development she has grasped to date, that there is far more to come in the stakes of rewards for ridding herself of fear. We can now advise our dearest that she will become not only young of body and mind; she will lose all desire for anything that does not advance her life with youth and vitality.

Our dearest has become a vegetarian of late and is now incapable of eating flesh. Indeed, Dear Ones, the thought of eating flesh is now quite abhorrent to her. Added to this is the desire to curtail the small amount of sugar within her diet; this too will guarantee a perpetual increase of youth and vitality.

Along with the obvious benefits of exercise our dearest can only be inspired by the strength she now finds added to her body and mind.

Oh yes, Dear Hearts; strength of mind is another added benefit of progressing along the path to Love and Perfection. Our dearest can now attest to a greater strength of mind. Determined to not allow any abuse, she displays a gentleness that belies the foundation quickly emerging; a foundation of clarity of thought and action.

We shall leave this with those of you who have chosen to read. Once again, Dear Ones, we have not asked our dearest to allow comments. Our hope is that you will take to heart our words, and wish you well upon your journey to Love and Perfection.

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