Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem (11) Yet Another Fork in the Road

Well, well, well, dearest; we have come to yet another fork in the road; yes indeed. And what fork is that? The fork of which we speak, dearest, is the fork that leaves behind those things we have not been able to see.


Yes indeed I am.

Right, dearest, we shall set about enlightening the confusion.

There is always a fork in the road; a place of demarcation into another aspect of life, so to speak. The fork of which we are referring is the fork that will produce ample opportunity to eat the fruits of your labours.  You have been working hard. Have you not, dearest?

Yes, I have been labouring quite hard; ’tis true.

And what has been your labour, dearest?

I believe my greatest labour has been the obstacle of non belief by those close to me.

Do you refer to your loved one, Keith?

Yes, I do. It has been a difficult number of years; firstly to overcome the negative of which he has been a champion, providing me with the fodder for growth, as it were.

Indeed ’tis true, dearest. Our dear heart Keith has most certainly been a champion of the negative. And now, dearest?

It has only been such a short while. However, his whole demeanour has changed. Since you wrote, very recently, that I had overcome the negative offered by him, I now see his attitude almost turn around. He no longer resists my positivity nor seems to harbour resentment or any form of nastiness, which was his normal.

Would you say, dearest, that he has changed?

Absolutely yes; he has changed enormously, and quite suddenly and spectacularly.

And the dance, dearest?

This too has turned around. Where once he struggled with rhythm and timing he, very recently over this same period, now seems to be finding his feet, so to speak. I now feel his body working more closely with mine. There is a definite connection happening that has not been the case for the time we have been dancing together. It is, quite frankly, surprising me and making me realise a wonderful future being at one with this man I adore; not only in dance, but in all ways. I say this because, just recently, there is a most wonderful union occurring in all manner of ways.

And this you are finding delightful, dearest?

Yes; delightful is quite a most apt description.

Once again, Dear Ones, we are not asking our dearest to allow comments. Our wish is for our dear ones to continue this growth alone, as it were. We hope that you take the opportunity to read and reread the words of Love.

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Many Blessings to you all

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